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Distinctly improving!

I'd thought that the up shift over weeks five and six would be my downfall but they haven't! I've now completed my third run of week seven and although I am puffing a lot when I get to the end, I've been running/jogging a little more at the end of each session to complete my 5k too.

Last weekend, I was helping my partner with her work but had the Saturday day time free in a town adjacent to a big forest. So I went to the tourist office and got a map of the trails and set off walking. For the first time ever, I put my earphones in and started playing my mp3. When Laura came on with the week 7 podcast I didn't run but carried on walking. The pace of my walking was much greater than I'd normally walk at. After 2.5 hours I'd walked 8.8 miles! I thought I'd have (indeed thought I had ) blisters but it was just that my feet were a bit tired.

Then , yesterday, I went to the surgery for my monthly weigh-in and... I'd lost over 2kg. That might not seem much, but I've not really been dieting - just paying more attention to what I eat - but that is 1/10th of my target weight loss which is absolutely fine by me. What's more the nurse seemed to think that the first five or so weeks of C25K would build up muscle mass and mean I was unlikely to notice the fat loss in my weight. I've not done a waist measurement, but I'm wearing a belt far more now (instead of braces) and in the last fortnight that too has been two holes tighter.

And finally, other than when my legs were worn out from walking 8.8 miles, I am noticeably more flexible and have a better sense of balance.

So, very pleased all round. Beginning to wonder what I'll do in two weeks time (other than crack open the bubbly)!



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Wow, that's really impressive. I'm about to do W7R1 and, based on my experience of W6, there's no way I'll be able to carry on after the 25 mins to make my 5K. Another couple of weeks to go before I'm anywhere near that, I think. Congratulations!


You must be very pleased with yourself and it must be very satisfying to notice the improvements you've made. 2kg is a good amount of weight loss in a month. I am finding the Strength and Flexibility routine a great help for balance etc. It's much gentler that C25K but you do feel more toned. WELL DONE YOU!


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