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Wife sick


My wife has emphysema and is pretty bad.

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So sorry to hear this, try to be positive and hope she improves Soo. Have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette xx xx 🌈

MickMcG in reply to Damon1864

The doctors aren’t that good, is there anything/treatment that works for you.

Damon1864 in reply to MickMcG

I try do do little things to help keep me active and I have a healthy diet. I also do breathing exercises on youtube that really helps. Have a good day and both of you take care😊 Bernadette xx xx

I'm so sorry to hear that, it must be very hard for both of you. How are you coping?


MickMcG in reply to Karo79

Yeah, difficult, she just doesn’t seem to get any relief

When was she diagnosed? How are the two of you holding up?

3 years ago, very difficult, she doesn’t seem to get much relief with catch8ng a breath.

I have recently found some useful information about a Copd patient called Russell Winwood ("Copd athlete") and his strategies to live better with the disease

I thought it may be of some benefit to you as well

Can be found under

Russell Winwood ketogenic diet in Google, (I'm having trouble with posting the link)


Have seen that before, wondering if proteins might be a way forward, eating meat is hard for her, but Musashi drinks we have tried easier to digest

So sorry to hear that, it is a terrible disease. I pray she will find a way to improve her situation a bit.

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