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Hi all

Does anybody have any idea on if you have a reversible ileostomy how long you live with it until you can have it reversed??

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hi Dogbot. I only had Mine for a few months in 2018 from jan til Apil and got it reveresed. and ive been fine with out it.

you can live forever.!

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😂Thank you 👍

Hi mate ,

In answer to your stoma reversal question . I had an emergency ileostomy & about 6mths later had it reversed . My toilet habits are not like pre op. & I have to take loperomide daily to firm things up .

Keep well , Mike .

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Thanks Pikemaster

Sorry to be a bit graphic but do you go lots of times in one day or just very loose the once or twice a day you go 🙈

Just wondering if the nightmare of having the stomas can be reversed?

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If when you had the operation they told you it’s a reversible then yes, there are different ones ileostomy which is what I have they told me at the time of the operation that it was reversible but you can have irreversible ones. Then colostomywhich can be both Then there is the urostomy which can be both, so you must ask the stoma nurse or the doctors .

It depends on what the surgeon had to work with 🤪🤔.

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