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FIT test positive and blood clot when I poop, im so scared

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Hi everyone just here to hear some experiences from everyone else but basically I have been bleeding on and off for years when i poop, no pain or any other symptomps but recently I have contacted my doctor who referred me to urgent specialist as i strated to poop blood with coagulated blood too. Anyone else have had this kind of blood clot when pooping?

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I had a positive fit test too, with high levels of blood. I get blood like this but it’s always mixed with stool, which is so scary. I get red poo at times too. I haven’t got a colonoscopy yet as I’m pregnant. So sorry I’m not much help, but thought I’d reply back to say you’re not alone.

Oh no :( i really hope baby can be born soon and healthy so you can have proper medical check ups i.e colonoscopy. Im waiting atm to talk to colorectal nurse, just to know, did the doctor examine your bum with the finger? Sometimes they can touch haemorroidhs i have read, my doctor didnt even examine me in person and now im just waiting and cant eat sleep or relax :(

Yes the doctor examined me and could see hemorrhoids but my hemorrhoids were not bleeding. So just wondering where this bleeding could be coming from.

Hiya were you able to get colonoscopy now?

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Hello Godismysaviour ,Thank you for posting and I'm sorry to read that you are still experiencing symptoms. Do you have an appointment with the GI doctor scheduled yet? Please make that your primary goal - between the holidays and COVID you may need to be that squeaky wheel to get the appointment, but getting examined and screened by a specialist is the only way you'll know what is going on that is causing your symptoms.

Please keep in mind that there are many reasons why you could be having these symptoms, and they range from mild to serious - and many can be fixed or treated with medication, diet change, etc. I know this is scary, we are here for you. Please keep us posted when you can.

~Nicole @ GCCA

Yes i do! i have a phone appointment with colorectal nurse on wednesday! Just praying it will all be just nothing scary

Have you been diagnosed?

Nope! Just waiting for them to schedule my colonoscopy soon

Hey just had my colonoscopy, it was internal grade 1 haemorroids for me! :)

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