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Information needed about Westmarc (Glasgow Southern) Orthotics Dept., please !


There have been some very enthusiastic comments here about Westmarc Orthotics Dept.(John1945 and REGreen), and according to their website they specialise in neurobiomechanics, which sounds promising for our CMT sorts of problems.

I was hoping my neurologist could refer me there, as it appears to have much better resources than the Orthotics Dept here (another region of Scotland). Eventually he asked my orthotist to find out about Westmarc

Today I received a message: "Things have changed at Westmarc, and they now specialise in prosthetics rather than orthotics"

Is this true? Has anyone been there recently? What has happened to Orthotics at Westmarc?

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Hello to Amanita.... Right ! Here we go ! sorry it will be a long reply ! ! !

Recently, I received a letter from Westmarc informing me that in future, my existing Ankle Foot Orthotic (A.F.O.), i.e. a Polypropylene lightweight splint, would be cared/maintained by the Surgical Appliance Unit, based at NHS Lanarkshire's Wishaw General Hospital :

However when I attended the S.A.U. at Wishaw General, I was most delighted to discover that NHS Lanarkshire use the 'magnificent' services, and products supplied by >>>

Buchanan Orthotic Clinic: Buchanan Orthotic Clinic:

603 Helen Street, Glasgow, G51 3AR. OR 54 Home Street, Edinburgh EH3 9NA

Tel: 0141 440 1999. Tel: 0131 228 3337

This 'local' consultation has resulted in me receiving two individual polypropylene, "made-to-measure" A.F.O's that fitted both feet exactly, and supported my wasted calf muscles like a glove : No "fiddly" adjustments were needed, they were simply perfect !

I can now return to my daily 3/5 Km walking routine with no problems:

Westmarc, as a teaching facility, also maintains links with >>>

National Centre for Prosthetics and Orthotics, University of Strathclyde, Curran Building,

131 St James Road, Glasgow, G4 0LS : The Department of Biomedical Engineering was formed in 2012 following the merger of the Bioengineering Unit, and the National Centre for Prosthetics and Orthotics.

The Centre's interests in training, education and research span the fields of prosthetics: orthotics and related aspects of the provision of aids for the disabled. It is one of only two institutions in the UK offering offering undergraduate and postgraduate education in Prosthetics and Orthotics :

Interestingly my daughter (44) attends the University twice per year, for a full day's seminar, where G.P.'s update their skills : Normally 20 No.(circa) doctors in groups of three, examine, and attempt to diagnose is wrong with her wasted lower limbs/clubfeet etc :

Unbelievingly on average, only 3 No. doctors manage to diagnose a Neuromuscular disease ? most G.P.'s WRONGLY diagnose an orthopaedic defect, and recommend corrective surgery ?

WestMARC is an NHS department within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde that provides wheelchair services and other rehabilitation technology services such as prosthetics, and gait/walking analysis :

It also serves people in the following Health Boards >>>

Greater Glasgow and Clyde / Ayrshire and Arran / Dumfries and Galloway /Highland (Argyll & Bute only) / Lanarkshire / Forth Valley :

John .... (Glasgow)

I go to orthotics in the Victoria infirmary, brilliant there! X

Many thanks, John and Kitbo for your answers. What I am after is to be referred from my own NHS area (not Glasgow or Edinburgh) to an orthotics department, preferably on the NHS, that will give me a really thorough assessment , and then produce (themselves or via Buchanan) really good orthoses -made to measure if appropriate. If someone could also make me some shoes/boots that properly fit and support my unconventionally-shaped feet, that would be even better.

Gait analysis is done purely visually here, then your feet (still in socks) are felt and moved around, then something off the shelf is produced, with a minor adaptation if absolutely necessary. Your first "long" appointment is 40 mins; subsequent ones are 20 mins.I am sure my orthotist is skilled but he seems to be overworked, and in a department with minimal resources.

Does Westmarc still do the initial gait analysis, John ? Does the Victoria Infirmary (in Glasgow?) get the orthoses made themselves or does Buchanan make them?

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