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peripheral neuropathy

hi i have been told i have peripheral nueropathy has any one else got it i am being tested for diabetes an other thing as i have balance problems and giddiness numbness in the feet and hands and not very good reflexes in my legs has any one else got this i live near Margate and wonder is there any groups for this sort of thing as i have just moved here and it would help to know people with similar conditions

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Unfortunately peripheral neuropathy comes within the territory of CMT and affects most sufferers in one way or another in their upper and / or lower limbs. Having diabetes is a separate disease, and that too can give peripheral neuropathy symptoms in the same areas. Good control of blood sugars can alleviate the lack of sensations, but with CMT these sensations (or lack of them) stay and vary (medics refer to them as a stocking and glove effect). I would get an appointment with a consultant neurologist and get a nerve conduction test to establish CMT, and go with the the blood tests and medications/ diet regime if you also (like me) have diabetes. There are local support groups for CMT across the country - try the website to access support in your area. Good luck.


Hello to sleepysammy6

You did not tell us which medical professional, told you that you have 'peripheral-neuropathy' ?

Yes ! most certainly Yes ! In the UK there are thousands of people, who have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy:

At the "last-count" there were also 30,000 plus registered cases of Cmt sufferers in the UK:

Persons diagnosed with, Diabetes Type 1, or Diabetes Type 2, can also suffer this most uncomfortable "side-efect" of Diabetes:

Best of luck....




Hi Sleepysammy, I have Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT) which causes peripheral neuropathy and all the symptoms you describe. There is a support group in Kent run by Diana Turner, tel. 0845 872 9529, email Hope this helps. Joan


hi i have perifual neuropathy caused by malnutrition its agony to walk i loose my balance its like a stabbing burning pain i alsi get bad cramps i also have fibromyalgia ,do you use a whelchair ,


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