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Bunion op followed by cavus foot op


I am having a bunion op in three weeks time. I also need surgery on my heels and/or plantar thingumy (forgotten the name) for bad heel pain. My surgeon is considering postponing the bunion surgery and doing both at once a month later. I'm not sure i want to wait another month as the pain in my big toe is the worst, and he will sort out the arthritis in it at the same time as the bunion. Any thoughts on whether I should wait and have both at once? Also, anyone had experience of using crutches with pain in hands and wrists? Aside- gp thinks I have hyper mobility syndrome, but my symptoms seem more like cmt. She has referred me to a rheumatologist, rather than a neurologist! Thanks for any input.

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No knowledge or advice about the ops (sorry), but my (neuro-) occcupational therapist says I have hypermobility in my hands and wrists. It sounds like a useful thing, as though you are super-dexterous, but it actually means your hands easily get into positions that are not good for their future wellbeing (I now wear hand splints at night). The hypermobility is part of the CMT "package".

I should certainly not be happy about using crutches (mercifully I have never had to) with weak wrists, and am finding a walking pole (recently adopted to help with balance) quite enough of a challenge.

Good luck with the op/s


Hello Rowantree....

You did not mention if your bunion was actually caused by Cmt, or by another cause ?

I have had both Pes Cavus (high-arches) reduced by the removal of a wedge section of bone in each arch: I wanted the surgeon to do both feet at the same time, he smiled knowingly, as said "one-at-a-time" ! He was totally correct, as the recovery period was 6 months plus for each individual foot"

If diagnosed early enough, todays surgeons prefer to transfer tendons, and 'soft tissue' as their first option: They try to avoid bone surgery if at all possible: Arthritis is always a threat at a later stage: However, my left ankle is riddled with arthritis, they opted not to fuse my ankle joints due to the lack of medical post operative knowledge on Cmt sufferer's:

As my lower limbs/legs muscles deteriorated, I required to wear "toe-to-knee" polyurethene "rigid" plastic AFO's, but incredibly they also cured my arthritis ankle pain, as the "rigid AFO had totally "IMOBILISED" my ankle joint, and its movements: It is like applying a "plaster" to stop/cease all bone movement ! Therefore, my arthritis pain has completly gone:

I am confident that the occupational therapist, or physiotherapist at your hospital will be able to provide you with suitable crutches to suit your particular needs....

Goof Luck To You !

John... (Glasgow)

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Well I had the op two weeks ago. Terrible pain for first week but hardly any in the second week! Bandage coming off today. I do now have all the original pains worse due to crutches though- my wrists hurt so much and so does my opposite heel, from bearing all the weight!

Also my left ankle from walking only on my heel for two weeks. Oh we'll, getting there. Back to work in a week.


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