been refused dla

Hiya last year my daughter who is 7 was diagnoised with .c.m.t which she inherited from myself.I made a claim for dla last august 2016 and was refused.i took it to a tribunal which also refused my daughters claim.Since then my daughter has to have pain relief at school for the pain and also wear braces at school for support and also at home on an evening,she has trouble walking long distances,and also has to walk at a very slow pace and take stops as she is in agony,she trips and falls constantly bruising her knees legs and hands,she goes to pysio and we also have excercises to do at home.last month I reaplied for dla for my daughter and today got refuse again.Ican not understand why she is getting refused and don’t know who to turn to or to talk to...

Many Thanks

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  • My daughter initially got middle care at around age 6, but nothing for mobility. She is now 10 and uses a wheelchair quite a bit so now gets mobility. Your issues sound pretty much in line with ours, I have a copy of how we worded it which you could use as a basis, I definitely think you are entitled to something

  • Did you have letters from her specialist? It is very perplexing...but I'd say continue to fight them, demand the reasons for refusal, provide a counter-argument...

  • Also, you might want to issue a SAR (Subject Access Requested) for your daughter's DWP records and notes. Good luck...

  • The pip now is impossible to claim as they make the assessments that hard and misleading. Ive been on high dla for 10 years but just been disallowed and they want my car back.its so frustrating im now disabled with no car.its not fair but i think the system makes it that hard then people give up!im appealing and will continue and i hope you do to for your daughter. Good luck

  • Good luck im waiting for my letter. Did you get awarded the lower rate or lose all .

  • I lost it all.apparently pip dont like awarding anyone with disabilities especially cmt as i believe they dont think its serious enough.!so frustrating but am just appealing and waiting for my tribunal. I wont give up we all shouldnt give on to them

  • i cant believe you lost all as life isn't easy with cmt .I still work but struggle with balance and awareness obviously. good luck to you .I will research to see if there is someone to help me fill in form so they can understand the stress we go thru.

  • Thank you yes its not easy but hey keep on plodding 😣

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