Hi everyone finally after a lot of grief stress and paperwork got through my court appeal and finally had sensible people who made a correct decision and could see how i was struggling and after just 20mins and a 10min deliberation decided that my benefit should be re instated and recommended that i should not be looked at again for 2yrs.I did however get put into the wrag which I thought would happen as they said I am only 43yrs old and need to keep in touch with the world and other people. But all in all I am very relieved and will see what happens in the wrag. But atleast i can stay in my flat and my life hasn't been destroyed. its hard work but finally its done with for a while and i can concentrate on my health. me 1 atos 0 so fight your corner cmters, Do it not only for yourself but for others also be strong and hang in there, their is hope.

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  • Thank goodness for that Gunner, common sense has prevailed at last! I hear appeals have a 60% success rate. I will be challenging when it comes to my turn thanks to your experience. Take care

  • Hi spabbygirl yeah common sense did prevail I have learnt a lot through out my time dealing with all this and have a lengthy Gp history researched slot also I don't know how much you know yourself but if you need to know anything or maybe want a view on anything feel free to ask I will try to help in any way I can ok! purely on my experience but it is easier with people supporting you. Good luck for when your time comes.

  • Hi Spabbygirl

    Please don't be so defeatist! Just try not to be embarrassed about our disease, it's what nature dealt us with.

    Regarding your medical (if you have not yet had one) be honest, insist you see a GP,take all your info you have from neurologist, doctors and anyone else that has written something down on paper as the GP you see maybe like the one I saw will actually READ what you take and also remember that the GP will most likely be looking at the first person they have ever seen with our disease, therefore they will rely on you to tell them all about it's debilitating effects. So be strong and good luck.

    Regards Pam.

  • Well done!!

  • Well done the only downside is that as you have been placed in the WRAG Group and not the Support Group you will only get ESA contribution based for a maximum of 12 months from when you were first put on ESA. After that period of time it will be means tested and you will need to make an application for Income Related ESA. If you had been put in Support Group then this would not have applied. This happened to my sister in law who has now been without any money whatsoever for over 2 weeks while they sort out her income based payments

  • Hi thanks for the replys yeah well I think it's because of my age that's what they said but they also recommended I don't get means tested for two years and my ESA be reenstated and back dated so well c what happens in the future a!

  • Hey Gunner

    Well done you! I had my medical on 13th Nov and I saw a GP, she read all my info that I took and had decided what was happening before she saw me! She told me she was going to ring the DWP in Leeds and get them off my back, which she duly did, yes it was embarrassing to go through but all I can say to anyone who has to go through the medical still is be strong and take absolutely everything you have regarding your health with you as that's what I did! Ensure to that you see a GP rather than an ATOS medical employee as they seem to be more conscientious toward their responsibilities in their profession.Lastly one more Well Done to you and take care because as you know our disease is only going to get worse as we get older.

    Regards Pam.

  • UntilATOS starts getting penalised financially for incorrect decisions then this will only continue

  • hi gunner glad you got sorted i`m still waiting to hear about my appeal, can`t remember when i had my medical think it was last october, they are so far behind checking everyone it could take another few months, in the meantime i`ve had another splint fitted for my left leg and a couple of hand supports, look great now two splints and two hand supports lol. not a good look when you`re wearing a skirt......just like to point out my name is Sue and i`m a woman, just using my dads name.

  • Hi, I had a medical with ATOS for ESA on the 11 June 2013, yesterday I had my medical assessment come through the post.

    I had scored 0 points, I was shocked, I was retired from Land Rover Ltd, Solihull 4 years ago on ill health, as they couldn't find me a suitable job anyway in the company.

    Now according to ATOS I'm ok and fit for work?

    I'm lost for what to do next!


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