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Are MBTs suitable for people with CMT

HorshamMalc, Thank you soooooo much for recommending MBTs. My pair (bought online for £80), arrived last week and I have lived in them ever since. Usually when I walk short distances, I have bad pain my hips and knees but when wearing my MBTs, I am pain free as its like walking on air. My ankles are not to wobbly (expect when I have had a drink, they then turn to jelly!), so these are ideal for me. I will be ordering a second pair that will be suitable for work. I would like to highly recommend these to my fellow CMTers, however, please take note of CMT Karens comments below:


Just a quick warning about MBT type shoes - which includes Skechers rocker bottom trainers. These are ONLY suitable if you have stable ankles and don't go over on the sides of your feet. If there is ANY lateral (sideways) instability in your ankles, you will fall off them and do damage!

I wear Skechers trainers sometimes because I had a total ankle fusion on my right ankle last year, and have no (even less) heel/toe motion in that leg, therefore these give me a bit more of a normal, easier gait.

Just be very, very careful!


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Hi Paulina

I'm very pleased that my suggestion was helpful to you. I did say that I thought rocker soles may not be suitable for all CMT sufferers, and Karen is quite right to stress the need for caution.




I am new to the community and read with interest the information on MBT shoes and after reading about them I think they may help with my gait. I do have stable ankles but will still take your advise to show caution..Many thanks..



I had thought about there a while ago but was unsure and with quite a hefty price tag being unsure was not a good enough reason to get them but I have my gait analysis coming up so I will ask if I would be suitable to wear them.


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