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Meds questions?


I’m thirty years old with two small children. I underwent surgery on my arm and hand last feb to release the tingling pain and numbness to no avail. But I quit taking the tramadol months ago even though I’m in constant pain daily in my arms and legs. My Gp has me on citalopram. My neurologist has my on topomax. My fear is if I start back on the tramadol on my bad days they’ll react to one another. My GP prescribed me a year ago that my neurologist became furious over because it almost gave me a stroke with my condition... so I don’t have much confidence in the combination. Anyone else take pain meds with anti depressants? I go back in a month to try amitiptyline but the pain is increasingly debilitating. I just want to be a functioning mom who can burton my sons shirt and comb my little girls hair....

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Poor you! That sounds awful, what bad treatment from the medics! I have Lofepramine, which is also a tricyclic anti-depressant like amitryptaline but its newer and doesn't have the side effects. It's also more expensive than amitryptaline so dr's don't try it first and you might have to ask for it. It is now used for chronic pain as well as depression so your dr should know that. I get tingling & numbness in my hands & arms too, was it the surgery for carpal tunnel you had? That could explain why it didn't work.

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Yes I have had carpal tunnel surgery on my left and right side along with surgery on my right elbow for my ulnar nerve. But nothing has helped, in fact made it worse. Thank you for your input I am eager to return to my neurologist to get my meds in order and start on something for the pain. I now just spend most my days doing what I can and sitting on the couch watching movies with my little ones which is frustrating.

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