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Well just an update to all those ppl with cmt and those disgusting assessors for pip. I was assessed last year and no surprise i got no points although was previously awarded indefinitely. Anyway i appealed and after 8 long months won my tribunal in feb and just got my back dated money. Dont give up and keep fighting!! You are entitled to help don't let them bully you 😁

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well done Julie for not giving up,so many people are affected in different ways I certainly need more help now than ever my husband is my rock and he won't even claim a care allowance so good on you for perciverering.

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Thank you thel for the reply and i know how difficult it is living with cmt.Its so frustrating and stressfull but for me i had to fight as they were liars in their report and i believe in fighting for what i believe in!! Im so i did although nearly gave up.hope whatever you choose you get the help you deserve. 😁

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tonypaul in reply to Juliej51

Same happened to me but when I got their report I wrote back explaining how each point the assessor had put was a lie. I got the award with no appeal. Obviously they have confidence in their assessors then.

Well done Julie!!! It'll be my turn next, thanks for your really inspiring help x

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Juliej51 in reply to spabbygirl

Good luck hope all goes well😁

I went to neurologist, after having emg which showed slowed down results- diagnosed with

Perihial neuropathy, the neurologist did a exam he had me lift my leg backwards and it was so painful, he said, Your feet are deformed and your calves? Its congential,

I was impressed until

He diagnosed me with fibromyalgia?

I have surgery 1 yr later cavus foot structure, trapped nerve in both feet..

I mean all clues were there??

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