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Arthritis in liwer back and hips, HNPP Advancing?


Recently diagnosed with ostearthritis in lower back and hips, could my HNPP be advancing moreso than arthritis as i have very little feeling down my right leg and my right foot is very numb! My GP never says anything regarding my hnpp even though i know myself it has got worse. I think to be honest its because they know very little about it! Any help?


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Hi Pam, hnpp can be slowly progressive but can also cause sudden episodes of sensation loss and weakness and even temporary (if you're lucky) paralysis in the area of the affected nerve. Which I'm sure you know.

It gets complicated when other illnesses are involved. It's very hard to know just which condition is causing the main problems, especially with musculo-skeletal illnesses which might cause further nerve compression and so aggravate hnpp symptoms.

I had bone density scans a while back, and to my surprise I have osteoporosis of the spine and hips, and further x-rays showed arthritis of the spine, but thankfully no compression fractures. It seems to be one thing after another with me these days. At least I like part of the treatment plan, ie getting plenty of sunshine, I just wish the British weather would play ball.


Hnpp is corelated with osteoarthritis and seronegative arthritis,i have sensorimotor axonal PN of large fibers,lefft as idiopathic,and affect whole my body,neurologists exclude many causes,only tested on CMT1A,,but it seems from mom coming,,she doesn t want to go on any testing,,also my bro is affected,also doesn t to go to neuro exam,,and i am desperate,cause have weakness in hand,high arches,triplle spine surgeries and searching any clinical trials and help.


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