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Lower back pain


I have been experiencing pain in my left hip, knee and ankle - not radiating but separate which my chiropractor thinks stems from the sacral lumber joint.

My GP has just sent me to physio which I am not sure will help. The problem stems from the way I walk ( poorly pinned left ankle on to of CMT) plus scoliosis due to weak muscles.

Should I be thinking of a back support or some sort of foot support ?

Is there a specialist any one would suggest I go to? it seems very difficult to get good holistic advice.

What about pain relief as well

All ideas welcome

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i use a tens machine which really helps with my back pain which stems from the way tat i walk and the fact i have 4 compressed discs


Hi AJC1957,

I'm sorry. I have no advice for you. I am going through similar problems. I'd like to hear from anyone that has good advice. some mornings when I wake up my body is in so much pain that I want to cry. Sometimes a shower helps other times it does nothing. I try to hide it from my wife but at times it's so unbearable that I can't hide it. Yesterday I got out of bed in unbearable pain. it lasted all day. Today I woke up with my normal stiffness but no pain. I can't figure this out. If I find a fix to this I'll let you know. If you find a solution please be kind and inform me.

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Sorry to hear your story. I also find my pain varies each day. Arnica helps- which is a homeopathic medicine . Don't usually believe in alternative medicines but this really helps. Cold compresses also help.

Not doing silly things like lifting tables and chairs- as I did at the weekend also helps!

I have been referred to the pain clinic so will let you know if any good comes out of that


Hi, AJC -

I don't know if your pains - and the cause - could be comparable to mine....

After a lot of time-wasting by well meaning physios ("go away and do the exercises - it is definitely not arthritis"), I was x-rayed and referred to an orthopaedic surgeon. My hip, groin and very low back (sacrum?) pains turned out to be caused by arthritis in my hip - but not bad enough yet to operate. The pains have subsequently decreased in the last 12 months from practically unbearable when trying to walk, or when lying down - to occasionally very nearly unbearable , and otherwise varying from fairly bad to annoying.. Baffling, but live-able with for now.. Meanwhile I am trying to ignore the occasional sharp pain in my knee.

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I have been x-rayed but don't know if my hip was looked at. Will ask nest time I go.

Thank you


it s hell ,try voltarol extra it really help s me.twice a day for few days.hope it helps, cos iv tried every thing


Well good luck for your next hosp. visit, then, AJC .

Of course I hope it will gradually sort itself out - some really nasty pains can seem to arise spontaneously and equally mysteriously diminish. - and if you aren't that lucky , I hope that it will be something they can treat or at least help you to deal with.


I too have been experiencing left hip pain, gp thinks it's muscular due to my right side misaligned and the left side is having to compensate. I am seeing muscular, skeletal physiotherapist in the new. With a possibility of having to have my right shoe made slightly higher.


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