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Change is in the air. New drug

Hi All

Following on from a recent visit to my consultants my Enbrel (Eterercept) will be changed to Benepali, a biosimilar which is cheaper the Enbrel. I've been on Enbrel since 2005 and Methotrexate for the last two years lets hope the new one works as well. As to the weather and arthritis. I can attest to the warmer it is the better I am; to a point, when, after a twenty mile bike ride I seize up!! Then bring on the drugs and pain killers.

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I hope the drug change does not affect you badly, the online information sounds that it is very similar. I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and have been on Tocilizumab for 4 years, plus Methotrexate for the first 2 years until Pneumonitis stopped me having it. You sound very fit, all things considered. I still have very limited mobility but am just thankful for any mobility.

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Hi Angela5

After reading a lot of posts. I feel I may have been one of the lucky ones. I've been on Enbrel since 2005 and to date not had any problematic side effects. I've read the blurb on Benepali and it seems to do what it says on the tin..only time will tell.

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