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An interesting development in CAR t-cell research

An interesting development in CAR  t-cell research

New research from Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center investigates an alternative method to make CART tumour specific by involving another type of receptor alongside CAR. enabling T cells to attack only tumors that carry antigens for both. Their findings were reported online in Nature Biotechnology. Following results showing it's effectiveness they are looking to develop this for trial and consider it's application against other cancers.

“"Now we are bringing in a completely new concept," he adds. "If there is no single unique antigen that is found on the surface of the cancer cell we want to target, we instead create T cells that recognize two different antigens found on the tumor cell - a signature that will be unique to that type of cancer - and only attack cells with both antigens, sparing the normal cells that express either antigen alone."

The new technique makes use of receptors known as chimeric antigen receptors (CARs), which allow T cells to target antigens on the surface of a tumor cell, coupled with another type of receptor called a chimeric costimulatory receptor (CCR), by which the T cells can recognize a second antigen.

The CAR and the CCR work together through a process known as balanced signaling, in which the presence of either antigen on its own is not enough to trigger the immune response. Only tumor cells that carry both antigens will be targeted. “


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Cool... wonder if it stills needs to be patient specific? That is where the tremendous costs lie.



Hi The message from ASH was that they hope to overcome costs by making a batch of T cell which can be used for everyone. I can't explain the process but if you go to patientpower an American site there is an interview with a scientist who explains it in laymens terms. Its an exciting new development and it may take many years to come on line but its a start. Lets wish for sucess in this field as it may be what we have all been hoping for. Best regards.


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