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So what is a Neutropenic Diet? Why should we follow it post treatment?

For people with severely compromised immune systems, food can be a source of infection when pathogens can enter the body, multiply and cause opportunistic infections. These infections are much more serious for people who have lower-than-normal neutrophil counts, such as people receiving treatment for CLL , or people who have had a stem cell or bone marrow transplant.

This is good chart

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Thanks for this Chris.

Here is the latest booklet from Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research on this topic:

Dietary Advice for Patients With Neutropenia

This publication has been produced and prepared by the London Haematology Dietitians Group for patients who may be at risk of infections carried in foods because of high-dose chemotherapy and/or bone marrow or stem cell transplants. This 9 page booklet provides general advice on:

• safe food handling and storage

• food safety during neutropenia

• food suggestions.



There is also a very lengthy section on Prevention and management of infection touching on food hygiene and many others within the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research booklet:

Supportive Care

One of the most important developments in improving survival from blood cancers has been the ability to prevent and to effectively treat problems such as bleeding and infection. Treatment of these problems is known as supportive care. Supportive care is also very important for patients who are being treated palliatively rather than to cure the condition. This 21 page booklet covers:

• blood product support

• erythropoietin treatment for anaemia

• preventing and managing infection

• mucositis

• managing pain

• tumour lysis syndrome

• leucopheresis

• counselling.



We've just completed our first round of neutropenia (infection-free, hurray!) and I think a cookbook called "Neutropenic Diet Recipes for Foodies" would make a great fund-raiser :). I've been resurrecting all sorts of comfort-food recipes to freeze for the next round, and it's been a good outlet for stress and anxiety.


The latest thinking on diet when you are very neutropenic is that greater attention should be paid to safe food handling, but there are definitely foods you should avoid. More here:


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