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Monoclonal antibodies for those who have no immunity after vaccine

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Has anyone investigated if there would be a possibility of having a dose of monoclonal antibodies to protect us from the COVID virus if we are in the subset of peoples who have no immunity after having both doses of Pfizer or Moderna’s vaccine?

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You have not provided the information in regard to your country. (It would be helpful if you would provide your country on your Profile page). I am guessing you are in U.S.--if so here is a link provided by bkoffman of the CLL Society and a member of our site for dissemination to Drs. in U.S.

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KevinCLLITP in reply to cllady01

could you revisit your paragraph and correct the link to the document?

This is the US government site with info on Infusion Centers and locations. I am going to get preauthorized just in case I need it:

Kevin, we can get monoclonal antibodies in the US as a treatment for covid under an emergency use authorization, if we actually have covid and have not been hospitalized for it.

I read your question to ask if we can get monoclonal antibody infusions as a protective measure before we get covid.

So far as I know, the answer to that is no. I do believe there are longer lasting monoclonal antibody treatments in clinical trials now that we might be able to take as a preventive. I do not think any have been approved yet.

And I don't think our doctors can prescribe drugs approved only as an emergency use off label for us, meaning even if our doctors thought giving us monoclonals before we got covid was a good idea, I doubt legally they could give them to us. Fully approved drugs can be given off label.

I could be wrong and would love to learn there was some preventive monoclonal we could take for covid.

I’ve been referred in to a Regeneron trial by my oncology team.


Do you have any more info on the trial that you were referred to?

Good for you. I would take preventive covid monoclonal antibodies if offered.

I know treat one regeneron trial already showed that it helped people who have been exposed to covid, but not yet come down with it. I don’t know how much that would help us if that if we have to be exposed to covid to take it.

Will your trial have a placebo arm? People enrolled in either arm, like you, are a help to all of us. Good luck with your trial.

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Lenny123 in reply to cajunjeff

Please be aware, the vast majority of Doctors do not understand need for Regeneron, in immunocompromised. in US , the medication is available, much unused.Suggest asking for it , rather than waiting to be offered. It orks best if given early as soon as positive covid test comes back.

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Sorry, this should be it.

While Regeneron's, GSK's and Lilly's anti Covid monoclonals have EUA status, as far as I know no such drug has been cleared for prophylactic use anywhere. Trial results in treating hospitalised (i.e. already sick) patients have been underwhelming (Regeneron and Astrazeneca respectively).

Regeneron and GSK-Vir had more convincing results in preventing hospitalisation and worse

Regeneron's 2069 trial showing preventative benefit in household contacts of infected individuals

For prophylactic use we await the outcome of Astrazeneca's PROVENT trial, now in its latter stages

I received monoclonal antibodies when I tested positive for Covid . I did not receive any antibodies from the Moderna vaccine. I was ok once I received the monoclonal antibodies s unfortunately 3 Weeks later I developed post Covid bacterial pneumonia and was hospitalized for three weeks. I was put on oxygen and given antibiotics and prednisone. I am home now and moderately use the oxygen. I do have antibodies still from the monoclonal. They are not sure how long the antibodies will last. I have CLL and this pneumonia has really weakened my system. So I did receive the antibodies and I still have them two months later but it didn’t prevent me from getting pneumonia

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Kingfish6 in reply to Reg722

I tested positive for COVID in mid-Dec. & given the new Lily AB infusion. In mid-Jan I went back to the ER, & spent 4 days in the hospital with severe COVID pneumonia. Didn't need oxygen, treated with Dex. Don't know what effect if any AB';s had as got pneumonia after infusion, though AB's could've kept COVID from getting worse.

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Mrsminton in reply to Kingfish6

Interesting that both you and Reg722 both got COVID pneumonia several weeks after the monoclonal antibody treatment.

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Kingfish6 in reply to Mrsminton

yes, it. was the 1st, non-cocktail version. So, don't know if it was ineffective OR it kept the COVID from. a worse outcome.

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cajunjeff in reply to Reg722

Reg, had you taken either of the pneumonia vaccines? I am curious as I have had both but have little idea if they will work for me.

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Reg722 in reply to cajunjeff

No I did not receive the pneumonia vaccines

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Kingfish6 in reply to cajunjeff

I have.

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cujoe in reply to KevinCLLITP

Good Info - Thanx for providing it!

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