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Haircut anyone?

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This is primarily to canvass opinion in England, where hairdressing salons and nail bars have just re-opened, as have non-essential shops, leisure centres, libraries, outdoor catering cafes & pubs, etc etc.

We've already had shielding officially ended for the clinically vulnerable, and to that extent we CLLers are on our own.

Thus we enter another stage on the government's planned "roadmap" towards pre-pandemic normality. Whether or not you agree with the timing of planned measures in relation to the course of the pandemic, the vaccination programme, etc, what are YOUR plans? When will you go to the library/ hairdresser/ sports centre? Are government guidelines enough or what extra precautions will you take? If you don't feel inclined to take advantage of roadmap relaxations, how long are you prepared to carry on shielding?

Hard questions to answer maybe. I'm pretty clear in my own mind, but individual circumstances differ and I would really like to know what others think.

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I`m awaiting my 2nd covid jab and then I will consider getting hair cut and dentist visit. Due next week along with latest blood results.

Love the dog....he could do with a bit of a trim.

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bennevisplace in reply to nanasu

That's Lulu, no short back and sides for her! What she really needs is a pedicure.

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Doesn’t much feel like ‘Open Day’ to me yet although I’m venturing out tomorrow for a BMB! 😖

As for the unruly locks...they’ll have to wait until the salon madness subsides!



Is that you Newdawn? I actually like that hairstyle.

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NewdawnAdministrator in reply to bennevisplace

Lol! Wrong era for me 😄


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Psmithuk in reply to Newdawn

Hope it’s painless and quick, Newdawn!Cx

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NewdawnAdministrator in reply to Psmithuk

Thanks. Me too C! 😳


Hairdresser Wednesday 💇‍♀️Not worried as no cases in my area, the precautions at the hairdressers are second to none and I NEED this haircut! Had 2nd jab 2 weeks ago too.

I won't be venturing out. Second jab this week, but even when that has had some time to settle in, I won't be using public transport or going to the shops. Not for a while. I've got quite proficient at doing my own haircuts. My dog's, not so much! I will be braver only when there is a more widespread herd immunity.

I walked to our GP Surgery at 8.30 this morning for a blood test (phone consultation with haematologist later this week). It was strange seeing people in the hairdressers already and some shops preparing to open. I am still going to do my own hair for the time being, not much to do quick wizz over with the clippers! I am certainly not intending to change what I am doing for a while until I see how things are going. We have one of the lowest infection rates in the country but still going to be cautious.David

I have returned to work on a busy ward (albeit a small hospital) so back to work for me. I was nervous but happy to go. Unfortunately though my uniform has inexplicably shrunk during lockdown???? Salad for me!🥕🥦🥒🍅

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mrsjsmith in reply to Peggy4

Hmmm..... no more 🍫🍫🍫 for a while Peggy ! Amazing how cotton can shrink 🤔

Colette x

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Peggy4 in reply to mrsjsmith

Isn’t it! Maybe I should contact the manufacturers?

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HAIRBEAR_UKFounder Admin in reply to mrsjsmith

Hats too :-)

Need a trim, hat too small
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Peggy4 in reply to HAIRBEAR_UK


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Bubnojay in reply to HAIRBEAR_UK

Is that really you under all that hair ?

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mrsjsmith in reply to Bubnojay

Well the glasses look similar ?

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Bubnojay in reply to mrsjsmith

That’s about all methinks. Just think how pink he will be when all that comes off 🤭

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HAIRBEAR_UKFounder Admin in reply to Bubnojay

Oh to be reborn ;-) not long now, great insulation with current weather

can you see Thor? need new glasses to ;-)
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Bubnojay in reply to HAIRBEAR_UK

I was afraid to ask, how lovely he can have fun in the snow good you are getting out and about with him. Yes saw him 😊 stay safe

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MsLockYourPostsVolunteer in reply to HAIRBEAR_UK

I can always spot a dog or cat! I remember when you first got Thor.

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Bubnojay in reply to Peggy4

Sympathy hug to you, lots of us I think will be finding that clothes hung for a while shrink into themselves unlike us 😆

Depressed to see online huge queues outside a trainer shop in Oxford Circus. I am keeping my distance for sometime.

Colette x

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devonrr in reply to mrsjsmith

Not just Oxford Circus. I saw huge queue for a trainer store in the South West. Didn’t like it as mainly younger adults and unvaccinated of course. Will be much more comfortable shopping when all ages have been offered vaccinations. I’m okay with the dentist and hairdresser as they seem to follow the set guidelines. 2 more weeks before the hair appointment. What will she talk about? Not holidays!

I have had two (legal) haircuts during the various lockdowns. I was very careful, and insisted the stylist was as well. It seemed a bit foolish, but I’ve got away with it. There is a lot less virus about now, so it might be good to get a haircut ASAP before the predicted rise due to the easing of restrictions.Just a thought.


Both my wife and I have become quite adept with the hair clippers. I'm even beginning to fancy a shot at a sheep... No, please don't go there. Pro tem, neither of us will be going for a hairdo, a sight test, a dental checkup, or anything else that happens indoors. Other than at home or to make a brief foray into a food shop, or touch wood attend a hospital appointment.

I am comfortable being around other people in an outdoor setting, and we will be frequenting the eatery in the park and the little brewery across the fields, and we will stage a garden party as soon as permitted.

A masked ball is not on the agenda.

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Peggy4 in reply to bennevisplace

Shame. I’d just dug my mask out ready 🤣🤣

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bennevisplace in reply to Peggy4

😂 Last week I actually washed two precious FFP2 masks, been in service well over a year. Now as good as new (which are a tenner a piece in Boots).

It depends on trust. My hairdresser was so careful last time that it was just a case of get hair done and go. Non of the chat and coffee. She had a covered outdoor area for coats. Sit outside until the salon was empty. Everything was cleaned. She wore a mask and viser. We had to sign in a book with details and had our temperature taken. I have booked online for next week. I live in a market town and the whole area for several miles had 7 cases in a week.It is the best time to go after lockdown. If it starts again we will miss our chance.

All this time I have had appointments. I had a basal cell carcinoma removed, ivig 4 weekly, dentist and doctor appointments.

I have made my rules and if I do everything I can to stay safe then I decide if the venue is safe too.

Local numbers are the deciding factor. I dont live in a city. I wont go in small shops when others are in there. I need to buy birthday cards but although I realise these can be ordered I hope to choose.

I wont stay shut in but I wont go out in the evening. Already there are young people squashed onto benches outside venues. These places should encourage social distancing because they will be closed again if numbers rise.

Younger people are being vaccinated. It will help when they are done because many are oblivious to covid. Anne uk

Haircut can wait a few days. Yesterday went to the dentist (postponed from January) Threw caution to the winds in the afternoon and went back to the pub and met up with friends who I hadn't seen in a long time. Am prepared to go to small shops with practically no one else there but not large superstores. Also religious services with relatively few (under 15) , but am not going back to the gym for some time yet, maybe a few weeks after the 2nd vaccination in 2 weeks time. Would like to visit my family in the US but am scared of taking a local bus let alone a long distance flight

What kind of safety measures were in force at the dentist and the pub?

Although the question wasnt for me I went to the dentist yesterday. Appointments are spaced out so I didnt share the waiting room and they had time to clean inbetween patients. It was spotless and the dentist wore full ppe. They stand slightly to the side. I have been more than once.The deciding factor is trust. If we are sure precautions are observed and numbers locally arent high we will have to decide when its safe. Anne uk

Thanks, that's reassuring. I am conscious that I haven't seen a dentist in almost two years and a hygienist in three. Maybe I have to bite the bullet (one way to get toothache!) and go.

The optometrist has been nagging me too. There at least one can keep the mask on.

If the numbers are low in your area it helps with confidence. The dentist, hairdressers etc are careful for their own sakes and I cant imagine how frightening it must be working in a supermarket.Things are much better than a year ago. We were terrified. I would ring and ask about safety and tell them you have immunity issues. They put me in first thing in the morning or after lunch to make sure nobody else is about. They leave an hour between patients to clean and air the place. You can decide if you are happy to go ahead. Anne uk

Indeed. It would be important to me to have the first appointment of the day.

My Grandson went to the dentist this morning. The dentist and dental nurse had full ppe and surgical masks plus disposable masks. They looked like they were going diving with big rubber masks.

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mrsjsmith in reply to AnneHill

Totally agree Anne,I am lucky that my dentist is a friend, and because she also has had cancer she is always totally on the ball and has a large empty waiting room.


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AnneHill in reply to mrsjsmith

I think people forget how awful it is being on the other side. The girl who does my hair is really laid back. I have never seen her so nervous before. Gone are the days when I could have my hair and nails done. I enjoyed the chat. Who would have thought that everything in our lives could be affected. Its like a war with an invisible enemy.

I have been in our local supermarket once. Although there were screens for the cashiers they werent covering them and they werent wearing masks. I would be terrified working like that. Anne uk

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mrsjsmith in reply to AnneHill

Agreed Anne,

Quite frankly I am delighted to be retired.

The amount of physical and verbal abuse that staff are receiving is dreadful.


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MsLockYourPostsVolunteer in reply to AnneHill

Our supermarket checkers (US) wear masks and have plastic shields around their stations, but fellow customers wear masks off of their noses and around their necks. I go about once a month to the market, less if possible,and once a month to the pharmacy for a prescription that has to be picked up monthly.. I'm ultra cautious as I feel like everyone is COVID weary and relaxing about sanitizing. I'm good at turning 180 and heading for another aisle when people don't have their masks up.

I have done a few labs and doctors' appointments, and do feel safe at those.

I have just been allowed to visit my Mum in a carehome. She has a man friend who is 97. I said he could visit indoors and I would visit through the glass. He is allowing his mask to sit under his nose. The care staff walked past the room and told him to raise the mask and I told him too. Its amazing how many people dont wear the mask properly. I think if we take all precautions we should be safe.Every doctors and hospital appointments I have been to are reasuring.

I would think my life was in danger working where people dont wear the masks properly. I think they just dont understand. I have got used to the mask. Anne uk.

In the pub the tables were more than 2 metres apart and it was all outside. I can't say i was that pleased with the dentist. It was a specialist dentist to whom I had been referred for a root filling 1 1/2 years ago. I am often a difficult dental patient with a strong gagging reflex to any big things put in my mouth. He tried to do a normal bite wing X ray but i retched and he lost patience and sent me for the panoramic X ray. I couldn't bite on the thing between the mouth and was not happy with the technician expecting me to bite on something she had touched. Eventually she found a small thing. There were also others in the waiting room I would avoid dentists unless absolutely necessary but going to a pub outside with someone in your family or close friends is OK In my area coronavirus numbers are low and I'm in W and W with a low level of CLL

Thanks that's helpful

I think the dog needs a more natural color - less frosting. Looks a bit overdone! LOL! Yours looks a lot like a local Shelter dog who needs rescue. I hope it finds a great home!

😅 That surprise snowfall arrived just as we were leaving for a walk.

You may think Lulu looks like an unkempt bag-lady but I assure you she lives like the Deerhound Duchess, with human servants.

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