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Other solutions to toilet paper plug sewer lines.

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To give everyone a heads up on toilet paper shortage. People are coming up with other solutions for toilet paper, like paper towels, baby wipes and shredded tee shirts. Not a good idea, anything other than toilet paper and faecal matter will not decompose therefore plug up sewer lines. Apparently some cities are having to close down sewer pump lift stations to clean plugged screens. I had to open sewer line one time to remove 10 gallons of baby wipes and female hygiene products. Real blessing.

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Thank you for this very real danger to our health and the cost of a plumber!

Another great solution a bidet.

Hello Scottxxoo

You are so right. When I was a kid we had a outhouse complete with sears catalog, but I draw the line at using corn cobs. Blessings.

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tonyfrench in reply to Big_Dee

I grew up in the Country,and during the summer months, me and my cousins would have "Tree #1,and Tree#2(complete with Oak Leaves) :O


I worked for Sears Catalog in high school and college. The crowds at the counter were always deep. Folks loved their catalogs. If Sears had played it right and kept their catalog business and distribution net work open they could have been Amazon. Talk about wrong turns. I miss those care free days.

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SERVrider in reply to HopeME

There used to be a Liverpool song in which the chorus was "and a little bit of last night's Echo" (the Liverpool Echo being the daily local newspaper


If anyone is resorting to using insoluble materials in the bathroom after the toilet paper runs out, it is really important not to flush these down the toilet. These items should be burned. If you do not have a wood-burning stove or a fire pit, one solution is to buy a galvanized bucket from the hardware store plus some barbecue starter fluid. Burn everything out in the yard, and put the ashes on your garden. Elizabeth.


Great advice but being a retired firefighter, I shudder to think of the average person burning rubbish. The way you described is proper but people rarely follow instruction well.


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Big_Dee in reply to Sierrastar

Hello Sierrastar

Very good suggestion. Most people think that hole under their toilet is a bottomless pit going through earth to China, and no the coronavirus did not escape out that hole. The other suggest is to place toiletries in garbage bag and put out with the trash. By the way the trash collection people are reminding everyone to place all trash in plastic trash bags and ensure that lid is completely down on top of portable dumpsters. Those without portable dumpsters and using just plastic bags, bags should not exceed 50 pounds weight. Isn't this fun! Blessings.

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Sushibruno in reply to Big_Dee

No more plastic bags here

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Big_Dee in reply to Sushibruno

Hello Sushibruno

Sad, some times in our zeal to legislate things, the solutions are worse than the problem. Not many things work with wet garbage other than plastic trash bags. I am sure the trash pick up people would feel much better about the plastic bags. Blessings.

Timothy Paterson, of Seattle Computer Products created QDOS.

Why not just jump in the shower! All drains to the same place.

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Sushibruno in reply to Flyman

Some people are just plain lazy.



Years ago, I bought a portable bidet on Amazon. Cost about $39. It fits snugly under toilet seat and has pressure adjustment and hot or cold water. Easy to hook up. Best thing I ever got!!

That is terrible! Those poor people with out toilet paper.

Poor you - horrendous. Of course a large portion of the world is horrified that we use loo paper at all. Surely one’s left hand and a bowl of warm water is far more hygienic ( according to them) 😳😇🤪

There’s always this...


Cauliflower toilet paper


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