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Looking for feedback on Care Oncology Treatment / COC Protocol

Any Info on 4 drugs protocol from Care Oncology, Metabolic Combination Therapy.?

Would it be helpful In conjunction with 2nd line of chemo? Or will it might harm?

High grade neuroendocrine of pancreas.

First line of chemo and RT - complete response. 6 months later - tiny Mets in liver.

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Hi Iftidman,

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis but I’m not sure to what extent we can advise you on this site. Do you have CLL (chronic lymphocytic Leukaemia?).


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White paper for the protocol suggests that this this drug combination concurrent with conventional chemo does improve outcome of treatment and extends remission time irrelevant of cancer type. As an example it increases twice PFS for Glioblastoma.

Name of Dr. Samir Agrawal from Barts Health NHS and Barts cancer institute, Queen Mary university of London, UK was given to me as the author of the article with very good review of the protocol.

I got to your page on web while following link reading very nice reviews of Dr. Samir Agrawal. By any chance, can you please help me to find the way for more info about this matter


I gather you are referring to this trial, which has a primary completion date in three years time and you are wondering whether to enrol?


Treatments for CLL of interest to this community are becoming increasingly highly targeted to B-Lymphocytes, so I doubt that any of our members have enrolled in this study, which has a broader focus which appears to be for more acute, aggressive cancers.

I suggest you share the reference to the white paper you mention and modify your post title to state that you are looking for feedback on the above trial. You can edit your post via the 'More v' below it.

Sorry I can't help more.


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Thank you for your suggestion. I edited the title and added one image that includes drugs. Don’t see how to attach the whole paper.


Great change to your post title. That will help gain attention when the daily email notifications go out.

This site only supports one image attachment per post, not document files, so the best way to share the paper is to provide the on-line reference to it. Speaking of images, I can't read yours. Again, providing an online reference (if available) in addition to the image will help improve your response likelihood. You may also be able to obtain a clearer image by focusing on the area of the page of most interest. I suspect you have a high enough resolution photo, but this site automatically reduces image size to improve loading times. So ironically, your image may be easier to read if you reduce it to something around the 400kBytes size.


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