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Bacteria may not be the only cause of tooth decay

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Neutrophils may be implicated in tooth decay too

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That's one potential advantage of being neutropenic :) . I haven't had any new fillings in 10 years, just a broken filling replacement.

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Not sure how significant in the grand scheme oft things but not needing dental work has to be a plus.

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I've been going through the wars with a lower right area tooth. One of the only visibly undamaged teeth I have!

Ongoing since mid December where dentist thought it was infection as had only just done his six monthly check.

Took antibiotics for a week, not cured so sent to hospital for jaw full xray.

Results came back no further action.

Went back to dentist as was still I'm pain.

Dentist closed down, none available in town now :(

Saw haematologist within weeks and mentioned pain and feeling my neckline which is always tender he sent me for urgent ct scan.

Results back all clear no further action.

Got to see GP after a months waiting he said unsatisfactory so referred me to maxillofacial consultation at hospital in March.

Chased repeatedly until last week as still hadn't been graded.

Finally got medical secretary involved after hours on phone chasing round in circles.

Rang last Friday I have consultation on 16th May at hospital after it was finally classed as urgent.

If non urgent I was told a 5 6 month delay as they are looking at January referrals!!!!!!

Still in pain constantly and on maximum painkillers I can take.


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