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Recurrence of nodes in treatment of CML


I am on imatnib for last 4 months for treatment of CML. But for last few days am feeling lymph nodes are back in my recent cbc has no anomailies .I am not able to predict wether they are actually lymph nodes or my fear.sometimes even i dont feel them .Plz advise me how serious is this or what is meaning of recurrence of nodes in CML?

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I'm sorry to say that as this is a community for a cousin blood cancer CLL, we don't have personal experience of CML. You should follow up your concerns with your specialist, who I believe should be able to switch you to a different drug if Imatinib is no longer controlling your CML.

Some resources that a friend with CML recommends for information are and You don't say where you are from. These groups are US based, but might have information that would answer your question. I believe LLS has online advisors, and know that the US based CML group is connected to international advocates.

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