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Bone marrow biopsy

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Just in case anyone has got a bone marrow biopsy on the horizon - I had one yesterday and it was not nearly so bad as I was dreading it might be - probably a lot to do with the skill of the doctor doing the procedure and his bedside manner. This was as a baseline for possible inclusion in a trial. Afterwards I had a CT scan of abdomen and pelvis - for the same reason. This post is just for reassurance for anyone else facing this soon.

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I agree I was dreading it as well. On a scale of 1-10 I would say 2 or 3.


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Reassuring posts. Glad it went well Havemercy 😊


I agree! I was dreading it. On the table I was cringing and wincing like a big baby. When I asked when they were starting, and she said "we already have, we're in." Afterwards when asked what was the worst part of it, I said "the anticipation!" There was nothing to it.

Thank you, everyone. This will help if I need one.

When done by someone skilled, it can be relatively painless. Glad you had someone who knows how to do it right.

Thanks for that. Got one coming up soon and, although not dreading it, I wasn't looking forward to it either! It's amazing the skill difference there can be between phlebotomists taking blood - one can do it without me feeling it and another can cause me to grit my teeth. I suspect BMB's are the same.

Hi Havemercy,

I’m glad your BMB went well and you posted your experience here. BMBs are very invasive and therefore feared by many. An unsolicited comment is good to read for those who are waiting fir one and are concerned.

I also agree with TimHB, the worst bit is the anticipation hence why your post is so important.

I agree with your experience having had six so far (one at each end of FCR in 2012 and four in the last year for the trial I’m on).

best to you, rob

I had a couple done by a very competent consultant - no anaesthetic, jus minor discomfort. No big deal at all.

Thank you, will have my first BMI next month for clinical trial.

Spell check...BMB

I had a martini before my last BMB and it was a lot better than the other ones I did !!!

Be well ,


Thank you, i was so terrified of this😢

On a par with a trip to the dentist, except the coffee don’t run down your chin after!

I too think the worst part was the anticipation!

It is good to share these experiences I remember I frightened I was.

I brought the doctor and nurse some expensive chocolates afterwards to show my appreciation

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