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Any Insight on This Diagnosis?

My first post was almost a month ago, when I was wondering if I was overreacting to seeing a Hematologist with WBC around 18,000. I truly appreciate all of you who contributed.

I just re visited after the blood test results came in yesterday. I was told I have Monoclonal B Cell Lymphocytosis with a count of 4,800. The Hematologist said they don't consider it CLL until you reach 5,000. I have a revisit in three months.

I read that only 1 to 2% each year of those with MBL develop CLL. I'm wondering if since 4,800 is so close to 5,000, is that a signal that I'm likely one of those 1% to 2%?

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These markers like 5000 are very arbitrary... plus studies from the Mayo shows a lot of overlap and grey area, so there is no finite number.


Hope you are on the Monoclonal B Lymphocytosis (MBL) side and stay there forever... 😀



Your numbers seem pretty low. BTW 30% of people with CLL never need treatment.

Get a second opinion from a CLL specialist before any treatment,

Be well,


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