Skin allergies

Why do I suddenly have a skin allergic reaction but goes away shortly and reappears later or other days later and goes away shortly.....I thought it was my wash detergent changed it to for sensitive skin detergent and changed my soap to dove for sensitive skin and changed my dryer sheets to sensitive dryer sheets but still having outbreaks off and any suggestions


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  • Hiya. Some detergents cause me skin reactions too. Also I’ve developed allergic reactions to the gloves and the sticky tape they use in hospitals which is not great! Anyway you could try changing again to a basic detergent with no perfume and not use fabric softener. Do you buy new clothes and wear them without washing? Sometimes I get an allergy to new clothes believe it or not! I’m guessing all this is nothing to

    Do with cll per se as I’ve had allergies for years and years....but having said that mine do seem worse recently (perhaps a coincidence)

  • Thank you

  • Could be a food allergy.

  • Thank you

  • Have you had a Dr. say what you are experiencing is a skin allergic reaction? Or are you assuming it is so, because of the transient nature of the "rashes?" I hope you have asked your Dr. about what you are experiencing.

    The following is related to your question, but I caution you to read it carefully, because it is regarding a mixture of possibilities for CLL patients from more serious to less so and we often think what we are experiencing is related to CLL when it may not be. (it is dated 2007)

  • Thank you

  • Might be a good idea to take a photo of the skin rash / reaction to show to your dermatologist or GP.

    Sandy Beaches

  • Thank you that's a good idea

  • When I started getting night sweats some 8 years ago I developed an allergy to food. My nose starts running to a greater or lesser degree whenever I have a meal and sometimes when I am cooking!

  • Thank you

  • Have you been to a dermatologist lately? We CLL’ers are more prone to skin cancers and per my dermatologist, other skin issues.

  • I get a lot of itching and rash is at times.

    As a result of CLL we can have high IGE .

    From what I understand the high IGE can cause rashes and itching. You might want to check your IGe.

    This is a separate test then the IgG, I GM, IGA .

    IgE occurs in much smaller levels in the body .

    It is supposed to be less than 100 mine was as high as 1300 .

    With CLL treatment it's come down to 250.

    This might be part of your issue or it could be totally unrelated to something else given skin issues are very common .

    Be well.

  • Okay thanks

  • If the rash seems related to what you are wearing or washing I would try a hypoallergenic soap for yourself and get rid af the dryer sheets. Vinegar in the rinse water acts as a softener. I would definitely consult with a dermatologist. Dermatologists will be familiar with most allergy causing products as well as being able to check for other causes.

  • Thanks alot

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