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Taking Multivitamins

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Hi everyone

This may be a silly question but should CLLers take multivitamins? I was diagnosed 6 months ago with anemia too and don't know my Vit D levels. My anemia is now rectified and I have today had bloods taken for Vit D check and get results in a week.

I've read that certain vitamins/minerals boost the immune system and therefore boost the production of white blood cells? I had been taking multivitamins and my wbc was slightly increased when last checked so I've stopped, but it could have been a natural fluctuation? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

TreTops (UK)

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I did bring up the subjects of vitamins to my GP he said he’d rather me boost my immune system with whole Foods. Fruits & vegetables especially ones high in antioxidants.

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AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to Wendy328

That's the standard medico response based on repeated research findings that for all the billions we collectively sink into taking vitamins, we don't see much of the purported health gains promised by the suppliers.

With CLL, we can find ourselves low in vitamin D and B12. If that's the case, supplementing might improve our fatigue levels. Likewise other health conditions may mean you'll get some value from other supplements, but generally a good diet is considered to be the best way to maintain adequate levels.

Tretops, it is highly likely that your WBC variations have absolutely nothing to do with your vitamin and mineral intake. You should track your lymphocyte count, not your WBC count in any case. Some herbs and supplements do claim to boost immunity and in those cases, if the research supporting those claims is valid, we need to be very sure that other white blood cells and not lymphocyte cells are boosted. I'm not aware offhand of any preparation that reliably does that.


Many thanks Neil.

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Tretops-UK in reply to Wendy328

Hi Wendy328

Thanks so much for your reply - I'm sure my gp will say the same. It's positive to see that dark chocolate is high on the list!

Keep well

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Peggy4 in reply to Tretops-UK

Are white wine and doughnuts on there too? 😀😀😀😀


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Tretops-UK in reply to Peggy4

Hi Peggy

If only!! 😁

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