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Amox annd CLL

I have CLL and currently have a bit of Pneumonia....I'm on the 3rd day of a 10 day course of AMOX-CLAV 875-125mg tablet...1 every 12 hours....any suggestions on making this as pleasant as possible to a successful conclusion? I'm just asking because I don't have a Dr. or another CLL person to talk to.perhaps any good ways naturally to keep my body rollin'....I'm taking 2 PB8 caps 2 hrs before or after the Amox.....they say dont eat yogurt or other dairy since congestion could increase.....any thoughts....peace to You All ******note---I have had a Doc but He just recently left the city and I'm waiting for another. So currently I have no Dr to talk to.... I'm 68 yso ....

peace Wayne

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Sorry to hear you have pneumonia again. Have you talked to your doctor about IVIG infusions? Many CLL patients with serial infections often find it works well to reduce them and bring up a depleted immune system.

By the way..the milk and dairy products increasing mucous production is a myth, by and large...

I hope you can get a referral to a hemetologist, who can monitor your situation...

All the best



Peace to You...I appreciate Your response. Thank You Wayne


Don't know if you tried a Z- pack. Wishing you the very best .


Z-pack isn't very effective against pneumonia. Augmenten (what you are on) is good.

Be very vigilant or you'll wind up in the hospital.

Have you been vaccinated for pneumonia? It may not work but no harm no foul.



Upper respiratory infection is what I think I used the.Z pack for. Sorry for the miss, information I'll leave that to very intelligent people here. Hope you all the best.

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And if it FUNGAL pneumonia, PJP... you need a special combo antibiotic like Bacterium or antifungal drugs


True. Although during chemo I was on Bactrum prophylactic and developed pneumonia. Zpack nor augmenten cleared it and I wound up with full blown pneumonia.

I was in a blind clinical trial with frontline idelalisib and they suspected it was pneumonitis but later found out I was on the placebo arm.

Looking back, I still believe it was fungal even though I was on the Bactrum.

I tested negative for everything they threw at me in the hospital.

As for intelligence, mine is questionable at best



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