Operation over

Hi, well just received a phone call from the surgeon, op was 6.5 hours long in the end.

As he said it wasn't a walk in the park with this op. All went well, he's very pleased

Went according to plan. And is now in recovery. He has a stoma fitted temporarily

but now we can say he, apart from the CLL, can get his life back.

Will be interesting when blood readings come back over the next few days. I did have to make sure that if he needed blood that it was irradiated blood....that was the only thing I was concerned about.

Will keep you informed of all future developments.


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  • Glad it's over with and he's ok. A very tough time for you both Susie. I bet you're wrung out physically and emotionally. Hope he goes from strength to strength now and look after yourself. These things take their toll on the carer too.

    Warm best wishes,


  • So glad everything has gone well for your hubby Susiecarer, it must be a big relief to you both. Wishing your hubby a speedy recovery and best wishes to the both of you.

    Take care

    Kevin - Essex, UK

  • So glad it's all done Susie. I find myself saying more and more how glad I will be if I ONLY have CLL. Never thought I'd see the day I said that

    Very best wishes to you.


  • Hallelujah!

  • Good news and keep strong!

    UK Marc

  • I have been thinking about you both today Susie, we were in DTU all day today and knew your hubby was just upstairs in surgery. So pleased everything went well. Hope things carry on progressing well for him and he will be home soon.

    We will be in DTU again tomorrow and Wednesday so will be sending positive thoughts upstairs for you both.

    Take care of yourself too as caring can be draining.


  • Thanks Susie

    For taking the time to update us, so pleased that the operation is behind you. I think you may have slept better last night, do hope so as all that worry wears one out.

    I hope the convalescence goes well and you and hubby can have a belated celebration of his birthday.

    Best wishes


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