Advocating for Oral Parity in the US

I've just posted a blog on the PatientPower web site about advocating for the passage of a bill that would require that cancer treatment administered orally would be treated the same by health insurance policies as treatment administered by IV.

I'm working for Parity in Tennessee, but there is a need for others to work in the 6 other states that do not have Parity laws and with federal legislation as well.

I'm posting to encourage others to look for ways to advocate for legislation that benefits cancer patients!


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  • Beth, thank you for your work. Medicare is not any better as far as assistance with the current costly treatments that are not administered in hospital. It may be the policy I have, but Part D is of little help.

    I admire those who can do this type of advocating---and I thank you.

  • Working for oral parity at the federal level is on the agenda! I get ibrutinib through Part D coverage so I know exactly what you mean!

  • My Imbruvica is covered under my Prescription Plan under Medicare and Extra Help from the govt. I now pay about $9 a month co-pay for it.

  • Bluenet,

    Do you have any suggestions that would be useful for those of us who are on the brink of proposed treatment?

    Is there a process we might be able to use to get assistance? Did your Dr. ( her/his staff) instigate the process?

  • thank you for the information. Your situation sounds much like mine in regard to the insurance plans.

    I will see what my situation is all too soon and hope for some negotiation.

  • I wish you luck. But the pharmacy that handles Imbruvica and your Dr. will work out the details of funding, etc. and I don't think income has that big a part to play in it. One of the funding sources, I think, is the Leukemia Society or the Lymphoma/Leukemia Society. But there are others!!

  • Thanks Beth for your hard work and energy to level the playing field and for waking me up.

    The whole parity issue never crossed my mind. But of course it's absurd to pay more for a therapy that uses less of the health care system.

    I'll start poking around here in Vermont.

    Best of luck and please keep us posted.



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