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Please consider adding your country to your profile, or stating it in your posts. It is very helpful to others responding with their experiences because treatments vary from country to country and without the knowledge of where you are an answer might not be accurate. There is a setting in your profile that is specific to country.

I do understand the reservations people have about personal data however, I don't think sharing your country reveals too much. My personal opinion is that it will give a better experience overall.

best, rob (UK, England to be specific).

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Agree it would be really helpful and please restrict your personal posts folks, especially the ones with photos attached :-)


Put this request out before and worked well for a few weeks. Perhaps newcomers don't realise that this website is worldwide and each country has different ways of treatment and tests etc. Can't remember how I logged on but perhaps the chosen username can reflect some locality.

AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to devonrr

Including your country code in your username has been suggested before and a few members adopted it. Including your country in your profile has the advantage of keeping your country of residence unknown for casual viewers, but anyone wishing to give you relevant support for your country can quickly check out your previous post/reply history and your country of residence simply by checking your profile by selecting your name. Either way would be an advantage on the current situation!!



Select this link: healthunlocked.com/profile/... to get to your profile, or else

If you are using a computer:

- Select your Profile under your username on the white menu strip on a PC

- Then select 'Edit Profile' in the bottom right of your banner (which you can also customise).

If you are using a smartphone or tablet:

- Select your username icon - at the right of the black menu stril

- Then select Update Profile

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your country and select 'Save changes'. If you want to use the nearby member location facility, enter your postcode/zipcode, otherwise leave it blank.


Thank you Neil, was thinking my original request was a bit unhelpful is as far as it did not explain how to do it.

Regarding the 'nearby member' facility I found that for UK you can put in a partial postcode and it works just fine, just need the first part.


CllcanadaTop Poster CURE Hero

Thank you, this has been a pet peeve of mine for years...

Fact is, CLL is handled differently in different countries and not all drugs or tests are universally available.

It is the international nature of this website that makes it so good, but without country of origin, it is sometimes an exercise in frustration.


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