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Hi! My bio pretty much says it all.


Diagnosed last July, after a routine physical.

I'm "watching & waiting"..... blood draw every 3 months.

I live in Utah, but am currently spending 7 months in CA. Doc gave me orders to have my blood draw 2x while I'm here..... 1 down (with only .06 increase) 1 to go. I'll c my oncologist in July when I return home.


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Welcome LuvUtah

Sorry you needed to find us but pleased you have. You are one of the many who have been diagnosed with cll much younger than the median age which they tell us is in the 70's. I hope you find the site helpful, and maybe make cyber friends in this international community.

The increase of just .06 hopefully means you can be watching and waiting for some time, do hope this is the case as long as you are feeling ok.

Is CA California ? From the other side of the pond in the U.K I am never sure of the abbreviations.

Others on the cll journey are sure to provide support whenever you need it.

Best wishes


Welcome to our group. I am watch and wait too. Take the time to browse the information here and use the links to become better informed. i have enjoyed being part of this informative and caring community and hope you will too.

Welcome luvutah. I'm very sorry you had to find this site, but am also sure you'll find lots of support and information.

My husband (60)was diagnosed with CLL a whole year ago, just like you, through routine blood work. He's on W&W and feeling fine, after a few months of disbelief and not understanding CLL.

Thanks to this site, we feel confident facing our future, have asked many many questions and always received knowledgable answers and support.

I'm wishing you many healthy days ahead!

I was also diagnosed at 57 after routine blood work last July. Also on W&W. Learned a lot from this group but most importantly how to cope with CLL and moving on with life.

Hi LuvUtah, yep, I was 54 when diagnosed in 2007 so was on w and w for nearly 10 years until my treatment started last week. Once the initial shock wears off (believe me, it will) hopefully you can just relax into a long w and w period that can rumble on for some lucky people I am told for decades. But do use this forum and the CLLSA website to make yourself aware of sensible precautions and maybe improvements you can make to your lifestyle, e.g. being up to date with vaccinations etc. Enjoy CA. All the best, Holly.

Hi. I am female, DX at age 56 in Dec 2014. On W&W and seeing a CLL specialist. Glad you found this supportive group. I've learned a lot in the last 6 mos. from the knowledge and experience of the individuals here who are ahead of us on the journey or are newbies asking great questions. May your journey be long and boring. 😃

LuvUtah in reply to tesoro5858

Thx! Made me laugh😂

California really isn't normally this rainy! Really! I hope you are enjoying your time here. You might want to lock your posts to community only (provides privacy for both you and those who respond to your post). You can edit posts by clicking on the v at the bottom.

I lived in southern Utah during 1953-1954 and have CLL. No one in my maternal or paternal family has ever had cancer. My mother and brother died from cancer. We all lived in southern Utah desert during US government nuclear bomb testing in NV. The government has program for those persons who were "Downwind" of test and were exposed to radioactive dust. Most cancers were covered except CLL, did the government think they knew what causes CLL or no funding due to large number of people in Utah, Nevada and Arizona who had CLL?

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