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Calcium build up on #8 rib

Good Morning,

I went to Patient First on Monday morning after feeling sick for about a week. (cold like symptoms) The doctors had a chest x-ray done and found that I had a infection in my lungs and gave me meds to take care of it. Last night the clinic called me at home and said that they see calcium build up on my #8 rib and that I should consult my primary doctor on it, as I plan on. I was just wondering if anyone here has ever had an issue like this.

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Quite common, unrelated to CLL, but you need to discuss it with you doctor. It usually is not treated, if it is not causing problems...

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I am not positive of this assessment, and I am not a Dr., but in looking into my own bone-related CT findings, I think the problem can be one of calcium absorption/resorption. It is complicated. Also, when there has been a fracture/break in a bone, new bone build up can happen.

I am awaiting a consultation with my PC relating to calcium ab/resorption because of a CT scan noting "small lytic and blastic foci which warrant attention on follow-up studies."

It is not, I think, CLL related, but was shown on a CT done by hemo/onco who has not addressed it with me. Your clinic Dr. and staff sound quite solid in their patient relation skills since they called you at home, AND gave you some direction in how to follow-up. You are in good hands with them.

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