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Hello Everyone,

Post eight months. Still in the yoga class, have learned the routine, enjoying it very much, body cramping is at a minimum. Believing since I began that I have stretched the muscles as I can do more without having to stop often to get relief from a cramp. Here's what I found. I don't do a lot on my yoga days. I drink plenty of water during the day (on off days too). I think hydration is the key to not cramping. I did get one last week, and when I felt the twinge, I moved and it didn't hurt. Have learned as I've gone along with this program. Now wanting to find a Tai Chi class. I do have a question about moving lymph. Exercise is a good way, but is there any other way to get this stuff to move and removed from the body? Thanks for any replies. Carole (formerly Ladyprescott). Have no idea why the site had me sign in again and choose a different name.

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Hi Carole,

Thanks for your helpful update to those of us suffering with cramps. (You can fix your title by selecting 'Edit' when you select the 'v' to the bottom right of your post.)

Exercise and therefore I suspect massage, is a good way to get lymph moving, but you won't remove it from your body, just move it into your blood system, where it is true that CLL cells are more likely to die. There is a condition 'Lymphedema', in which poorly draining lymph fluid builds up in the limbs and makes them painfully swollen, but that's unrelated to CLL.

I don't know why HU had you sign in and choose a different username. You should be able to recover the use of your previous name and all your submissions by contacting HU Help



Thanks, Neil. You're always very helpful.


Keep the body moving I say. Skipping, hopping, jumping, running walking, swimming any or all of these plus yoga and a bit of gym work if you can fit it in!!!!!

Aw… forgot dancing... and no excuses... on your own is fine

Simple joys of life dancing and singing.



Thanks, Sheila. Cute response and true to keep the bod moving. Haven't thought about turning on the radio and just dancing in the house. Will do it!

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I swear exercise and hydration are the keys to avoiding the worst case scenario of most symptoms. I figure skate and one day was mentioning my leg cramps and eating a banana as a way to get my potassium up and fi the problem. A coach (who doesn't know I have CLL) said it was a hydration issue. So drink up and keep moving!


Thanks for your reply. I do a lot of work on the computer, so am not a real mover. Doing my yoga and as I wrote in the reply above, will start dancing here in the house. I have no excuses.


Movement, movements and moving. I also do yoga and I use a inversion table when I can't invest the time with yoga. Matter of fact my wife has pretty much high jacked it.

Something else, I've found is sleeping on top of a heating blanket, a light bulb moment in the middle of the night. It worked.


Thanks for your reply, mombassa333. You talked about a heating blanket. I had a heating mattress cover for a while, but then something about electricity came to mind and I took it off. Kind of like living near high wire lines, I didn't want to sleep on wires with electricity running through them. Realizing it is a difficult subject to bridge, I elected to take it off. Have you mentioned this to your doctor and if so, what did they have to say. I think anything that makes the cramping go away is great. For me was just a precaution with nothing to base it on but intuition. Just getting ready for my yoga hour and drinking water which seems to be my way of keeping the cramps to a minimum. Again, thanks. Carole


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