Posting bug on Health Unlocked last weekend

Posting bug on Health Unlocked last weekend

Over the weekend, some of us found that we were unable post or edit posts. When trying to post, a red error message appeared ‘Service unavailable’ and if you attempted to attach a photo, a 'Whoops...' error message occurred. So if anyone had problems, be assured the problem lay with the site, not what they were doing.

These problems were cleared yesterday, but due to the inconsistent nature of the fault, HealthUnlocked don't know if they have permanently fixed the fault. If this problem reoccurs, I'll reply to this post alerting members.


Photo: Hoverfly on daisy flower. These flies, which also pollinate flowers like bees, have an amazing ability to hover in the air, so much so that I've found it possible to take a snap shot of them - their bodies in focus and their wings a blur. This hoverfly is feeding off a daisy.


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3 Replies

Just love it.


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Just nailed it! Great photo!

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Nope cant get onto site today. I assume its still down.


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