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My update, as promised

Last week I asked for information on obinotuzumab treatment for my CLL--were my responses normal? I received tremendously valuable information and support from the community. I promised an update.

Wonderful news! When I came in on October 24 for my first treatment my lymphocyte count was 154K. When I came for the second treatment on October 31 that number had dropped to 10K. WBC was down to just over 14K--a drop of 150,000 in a single week. No wonder I was tired. I was busy busy busy!

I have a great deal more energy, stamina, and far less fatigue this week than last. I no longer have sweats. I'm no longer dizzy/woozy.

Can't wait to see my numbers on Monday. Tuesday is election day and we hope the foul air around us will clear. Well, we can hope, can't we? It could be a very good week.

Thank you all!

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Wow ducksoup! Lovely to hear. You must be feeling pretty good right now.😀



Brilliant news, good luck for Monday

Elle x 👍


Well done you! Our lives become ruled by numbers... goid luck for Monday x


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