Beth Baccy Mouth

Beth Baccy Mouth

Well as the fog of round 4 settles down to a mist I find myself beginning to move around like a normal human being. I can't quite face looking in the fridge or cooking food for hubby but I at least take pleasure in the fact that he is learning new skills in survival!!!!

However, major issue.. I can smell tobacco all the time.. everywhere I go.. The kitchen..The loo... The car.. BUT everything also tastes of tobacco too. It's vile!!! Anyone else got this issue or is it just me? I feel like I have smoked 200 a day all my life and never washed or cleaned my teeth!

Help!!!!! ;)

Hope you're all doing ok...I have a scan on Sunday . Consultant v. Pleased with blood picture although lymphocytes low.

Love to all x

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  • Oh Beth, that picture made me want to heave so I can imagine the distress of constantly having the smell and taste...urghh!

    My husband doesn't have CLL but he experienced this and the doctor told him it was probably an infection of the throat or sinuses. It's more common than I'd thought. I think people just don't mention it as a symptom. I'd mention it to your medical team as it may have happened before.

    So glad you're beginning to feel like a human being. Continue to do well with my very best wishes.


  • Really helpful..At hospital today for bloods so will mention! Thanks x :)

  • Hi Beth,

    I too suffered with phantosmia, which means smelling odours that aren't there. I had a very bad case of sinusitis after my second round of FCR chemo treatment and was told that the tobacco smell was attributed to the sinusitis. The tobacco smell only lasted a short time after which I temporarily lost all sense of taste and smell. I am an ex-smoker and when this happened I had a few instances of wanting to smoke again, fortunately I rode that storm out! My wife suggested I rubbed some nice smelling essential oil under my nose (designed for use on skin) and this worked really well, you could give that a try.

    Take care and good luck with bloods.

    Kevin – Essex, UK

  • Hi Beth,

    It sounds like you have gotten some good advice on attacking that tobacco smell and I sincerely hope one them will work!! I am so sorry that is the smell that follows you around and am praying for a quick and easy resolution to this problem - also, that your follow up is nothing but good news!!! Take good care and I hope you can soon smell the roses!


  • I'm happy for anyone who can beat the smoking , I also get sick around the smell. Best wishes to all.

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