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The Risk & Reward of Green Tea

I just replied to kathypawpaw's post from a few days back on her doctor's concern about her liver and decided I'd post it separately here as well.

By coincidence the other day I happened upon a published report from Consumer Reports ( consumerreports.org/vitamin... ) that mentioned Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis) as a source of liver problems.

Since many CLL patients use this supplement, as I do, I figured this was information to be shared.

However, I had also recently seen an article on a study published in the British Journal of Cancer that like the Mayo Clinic study from years back showed positive results for asymptomatic CLL patients ( huffingtonpost.ca/ettore-co... ) who took EGCG, the chemical in Green Tea thought to have positive effects against CLL cells.

On kathy's post, Neil replied suggesting we all need to monitor our ALT & AST (SGPT & SGOT) , and I will continue to do this. Thankfully, I am currently feeling the reward of the supplements I take (Green Tea as well as Turmeric) that seem to be slowing the growth of my ALC outbalance the slight uptick in ALT & AST I have seen. As long as the latter stays in or close to the normal range I figure to stay on my current regimen.

Gene M.

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