17 yrs w&w finally caught up with me

My somewhat odd combination,cll and essential thrombocytosis. We are treating the ET with oral chemo (Hydra),blood work needed every 2 wks for a while. I also have an iron deficiency so will get that intravenously (I have stomach issues,endoscopy next week,and constipation issues as well). Other than fatigue I remain amazingly chipper,praising Jesus always.

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  • Wow 17 yrs on W&W. That's incredible. I wish you the best going forward with treatment. I hope I can have the same luck as you regarding W&W.

    Best Wishes,


  • Wow, 17 yrs sounds pretty good to me. Best wishes to you,


  • After 17 years of W&W you have seen a lot of changes. So many advances in CLL at this time. Best of luck with all you must endure.That chipper attitude and your faith will pull you through I'm sure. Prayers and Blessings, Sally

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