feeling at ease

Hi everyone

i just wanted to share my good news. After reading posts and advice on the forum i decided that i would not put up with what felt like poor care from my Hospital who discharged me with little to no advice or information

with the support from my GP i managed to get a 2nd opinion with a view to becoming again an outpatient. Although my bloods are low and i'm only on W&W i felt cast aside as a moaning hypochondriac.

I am pleased to say I am now an outpatient with Christies with a Consultant that is so helpful and makes me feel listened to. I no longer feel like a whinging hypochondriac as my symptoms are acknowledged even if there is no treatment. i'm now feeling that my life is in safe hands

part of this post is to share my good news and the other part is to acknowledge without the support and advice of you all - i would not have felt able to have improved my situation.

Many thanks and Best Wishes to you all

Loran🌻 x

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  • Loran,

    That is great news. I'm so glad I didn't stay with the first oncologist I saw. He said I had 6 months and he would keep me comfortable. That was 9 years ago. It's always good to trust your gut. I too love this forum and the many kind people who share their stories and give us strength.

    Kindness always,


  • SO GLAD to hear this, Loran. Well done in pushing for better treatment - even if it isn't actual medical treatment as yet. Being listened to as a real person is very precious, and must surely reduce stress levels and be a factor in improving our health. :-)

    Wishing you all the best,


  • Good for you & long may you remain on W&W.

  • Nice one Loran good luck J

  • Hi Loran , I know that you must be happy . Life is to short to deal with people , medical facilities ,that just don't care. God bless you and long last W and W.

    Best wishes to all.

  • Great news Loran and well done to you.

  • Pleased to hear your good news Loran. I too am looked after at The Christie, although unfortunately not treatment naive any more. I definitely feel at ease and listened too and jn good hands. Regardless of where I am in my journey I feel they are doing their best for me and we arecworking together.

    Regards, rob

  • I'm really happy for you and I know exactly how you feel!🌹

  • Great result Loran! Well done you for being your own best ambassador of your health interests and obtaining the medical oversight you deserve.

    I'm seeing my haematologist on Tuesday and frankly I'm in no mood for his paternalistic approach so will be asserting my wishes and making sure I leave there feeling listened to.


  • I really hope it goes well for you on Tuesday, Newdawn. You have enough to cope with, without an unhelpful haemo doc adding to your problems..

    Wishing you well,


  • Good luck for Tuesday Newdawn. My 5 month (should have been 4 months but the appointment was changed at the last minute) on Wednesday. Will be interesting to see if all the meds I have been taking for AF have had an effect on my 'numbers'.

    Let us know how you go.


  • Bring him to heel Newdawn or give him the boot!

    Hope you are improving now.


  • Hope all goes well tomorrow. Fingers crossed x

  • thank you hope all goes well for you newdawn keep us updated

    Loran 🌻 xx

  • Thanks Loren, I will. Strange thing is I'm in so much pain with my torn shoulder and broken finger, the CLL has temporarily faded into the background so I hope I don't get any nasty surprises tomorrow!


  • Well done Loran, good to hear you are now being looked after.My brother in law is being treated at the Christies, not for CLL but for another cancer and he can't praise them enough.

  • Well done for being assertive! It's so hard when you feel that the team supporting you are not very supportive.☆☆☆

  • Delighted for you Loran. I changed consultant and hospital mid chemo. It's not easy to do, and the support of a great GP helps a lot. We really do need to advocate for ourselves and get the best care possible. Kindness and care are essential - this disease is hard enough to live with, without dealing with a Doctor who just doesn't listen! Well done you and the very best of luck with W and W.

  • Good for you! Hope you feel better.

  • thank you everyone for your kind words and support

    Best wishes to you all

    Loran 🌻🌻🌻

  • Hi Loran

    I know that dismissed feeling and the effects on health and well being. So glad you have sorted things out.

    Thank you for sharing the positive, good news.

    I feel so different in myself now I am listened to and at the moment not being told I am about to be discharged.

    All the best


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