A positive story

Good to hear a cll story with a positive outcome. 

An interesting journey -  ‘Prof Gribben walked in one day and congratulated me. I was apparently 98 per cent female. Great! I was as bald as a coot and mostly woman.’

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  • A positive story and interesting reading. Is there an age limit for stem cell transplant? 


  • Generally HSCT are reserved for younger patients with high risk markers, but it varies. 

    Some of the Reduced Intensity Chemo (RIC) types are being done into the late 60s and 70s, but body health and comorbidities are also factors.

    Patients are put through a risk/benefit analysis...

    Dr. Gribben is a world leader in this area... here is a recent discussion.

    A considerable body of evidence demonstrates that allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) offers the only potentially curative treatment option for patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). However, this approach is suitable for only a minority of CLL patients, owing to its significant treatment-related mortality and morbidity.



  • Thanks Chris. As always, your replies and knowledge are appreciated. I know it was the first words on my children's lips after diagnosis 'can we donate'. I would like to think that that would be an option if and when the time comes even though I realise it's a huge thing to go through. I must admit that I would really love to have the Fish test done. I realise that things could change of course but would really love a base profile.


  • At a recent meeting the ideas floated  that stem cell transplants would become rare if the new treatments fullfil their promise. 

    You can ask about Fish and your consultant may agree - remember the news may not be good and once out ...

  • Yes that makes sense, the new treatments seems very promising. My consultant doesn't agree with early Fish test. She says they can give false hope as the leukaemia may still develop rapidly or bring despair where treatments may work very well when needed. Sensible I think, but I still wonder.......... Happy to stay on 'watch and Worry' for as long as possible :-)

    Thanks Myrddin


  • Whole new meaning to "Money for Nothing"!

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