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DAD, Social worker, CCL on W&W - juggling work, travel, hobbies and family panic about CLL.  Existential-Phenomenologist by profession (Being, Being in the World, Being in the World with Others) and green activist by ethical leaning.  middle 50', 3rd year of W&W journey.

Teach Kinesics & Proxemics (use of space, space, body language, gestures and privacy) 

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  • Interesting - has your journey with CLL changed your thinking in any way?


  • hi, thank you, YES it has shifted my thinking, particularly the reaction of 'others' to my condition.  Phenomenology look at; 1. BEING - oneself and ones view of  who and what you  (I) are, 2. BEING IN THE WORLD - ones self of place and time and 3. BEING IN THE WORLD WITH OTHERS - ones relationships.  it is the latter that has been disrupted by my status, but not 1 & 2 if that makes sense?

  • Welcome to the community Meic where I suspect most members will understand your work/family demands, family panic and W&W experience rather better than your field of philosophy. 

    I had no idea what an Existential Phenomenologist was in honesty so took myself on a novices introductory guide round the net and you'll have to forgive me for summarising my resultant understanding as explained here;

    'The discipline of phenomenology may be defined initially as the study of structures of experience, or consciousness. Literally, phenomenology is the study of “phenomena”: appearances of things, or things as they appear in our experience, or the ways we experience things, thus the meanings things have in our experience. Phenomenology studies conscious experience as experienced from the subjective or first person point of view.'

    So I was about to ask the same question as Virginia.

    I understand Kinesics & Proxemics in terms of body language and non verbal communication (an interest I share) and proxemics in simplified terms as how close we stand to people in human interaction with all the cultural and psychological/social impact that creates. There's a theory that a sense of personal space being invaded leads to air rage apparently. Fascinating stuff.

    Hope your W&W experience isn't proving too onerous both physically and emotionally Meic though it's difficult to minimise the impact on our loved ones with such an unpredictable condition which doesn't follow a traditional cancer route.

    Just in terms of privacy, it might be an idea to restrict this post to the community. It's restricted my response by being open to the general Internet.

    Best wishes,


  • thanks, i thought i had restricted to 'community' i will check.  Your summary is excellent and so your research was magnificent.

    i think the impact is greater for other (in my specific experience) as i am quite content emotionally and only 'slowing down' psychically, at the moment.

    Phenomenology is a way to deconstruct the 'what is happening to me' experience and can be helpful for all manner of medical conditions, the Existentialism expresses it tern of what 'meanings' people put on their experiences and thus defines their values.

    thanks muchly for replying to me!

  • Well that's a new ologist on me.  I to had to go on the net to be sure of its meaning. I think Newdawn answer covers most of your post well so I'm just going to say welcome.


  • everyone needs a bucketful of ologies. thank you so much for responding and i appreciate your welcome, ive been here a while and have shifted from lurker to engager!

  • Good!

  • You sure that not engagerology? Sorry having a funny minute.;-) 

  • natterology perhaps?

  • Welcome Meic the Engager.  Nice to have you on our forum  As for ologies, we all have a bucket of ologists too.  I found your initial post interesting.  I've never heard of or been introduced to that way of thinking.  Know about body language and how close one stands to another, but will search the net for more information.  Again, welcome.  You have certainly come to/found the right place.   Carole

  • thank you Carole, look for 'Edward T Hall  Zones' in google?

  • Hi Meic13 and welcome, I'm very surprised that you say that post CLL dx 1 and 2 of your experience hasn't changed. I found 10 years ago from the moment I was told I had an incurable terminal disease, nothing was ever the same again. It profoundly shook up my world and put skates under my every move from then on. Because my attitude to living had changed so much this affected how people around me reacted.

  • I Suppose im somewhat fatalistic about such things, i am a pool of calm with others running around in existential crisis! Maybe my attitude to living was sufficient for my needs before i was diagnosed, or maybe i see hope for improved treatment options and general condition management? What would you say is the effect of your attitude change?

  • Hi Meic, what an interesting conversation you started.  I really enjoyed New Dawn's explanation and your further clarifications.  I have a son who would love to be a student of yours!   I have been very fortunate to have a family that has let me set the 'pace' on my CLL diagnosis.  I am on a maintenance therapy right now and have to admit that battling an unusual amount of fatigue has colored other aspects of my life.  With that thought, I appreciate your post as it has tweaked an interest in me to check out a change of perspective on my fatigue.  Many thanks and best wishes as you keep on keepin' on! 

  • i understand that there is a big gap in the understanding of the impact of POSITIVE attitude on healing.  Medicos have often anecdotally spoken of the fact/belief that attitude has impact on disease management/recovery. German views of EXISTENTIAL ANGST is very matter of fact but more stiff upper lip that Brit stiff upper lip.  ok im babbling now, sorry xxx

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