Gene editing could provide a cure for HIV (and perhaps a cure for other viruses and even blood cancers?)

Gene editing could provide a cure for HIV (and perhaps a cure for other viruses and even blood cancers?)

"While antiretroviral drugs do a good job of keeping HIV infections under control, scientists are working hard to come up with a full cure for the condition. A team of researchers from the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University is making real progress in that regard, successfully testing a gene editing system, demonstrating its ability to eliminate the virus from DNA in human cells grown in culture."

I see a likely extension of this to eliminating other viruses that remain dormant in our body cells, which would remove the need for some of us to remain indefinitely on antivirals.  Of course the cost and side effects would need to be better than the current alternatives...


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  • Well..good luck with that ..and I mean that. But the loss of moneies collected from drugs that keep people alive would be huge. Big pharma will be watching.

  • This is exciting Neil.  HIV is a horrible disease.  The sooner they find a cure the better!


  • The link is invalid when I try to open it Neil. I have a great interest in this area and how it can inform understanding of blood cancers.


  • Link didn't work for me either, Neil. :-( 


  • Newdawn and Paula, try it now.  (Oops, I truncated the link too early, so thanks for the notification.)


  • Thanks Neil. :-) 

    P.S.  HU doesn't turn my smilies :-) into real smiles any more!   :-(   

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  • Thanks for the explanation, Neil.  I'd got used to formatting things in bold and italics using the old method (with square brackets), but the new way you describe  looks like it will be easier.    (Yes it was easier!)   Pity about the lack of smilies though, as I don't want to upgrade to Windows 10.  :-(  


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  • It's working now Neil. Thanks.


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