multivitamin and/or supplements?

My husband, aged 55 (diagnosed 18mths ago), full time alpine ski instructor is feeling really jaded and tired. Some fatigue is normal at this time of year, we are 2/3 way through the ski season. He has always refused anything like a multivitamin or supplements, but am beginning to wonder if I should try to persuade him to reconsider? And if so, what would be best??

His consultant was quite adamant - no changes to anything, just continue to live as before, but I hate seeing him looking so miserable, he's normally full of life.

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  • You could ask to have his Vitamin D an B levels tested. If any of them are extremely low his doctor might work with him to find a supplement dose that puts and keeps him in a healthy range.

  • I think most of us with CLL feel miserable most of the time. Nobody wants to have cancer. It is not supplements that may help but positive mental attitude and that is difficult with this dreadful disease. I stopped taking supplements unless advised by my physician by looking at my blood tests. Your husband has the right to feel miserable sometimes all you can do is to support him and let him know you are there for him when he needs you. Wish you both happiness.

  • I feel your husband is right in rejecting multivitamin supplements, multi vitamin covers many supplements witch are all but useless.

    The specialist treating me had a vitamin loss test included in my blood work up and it had shown two vitamins were non existing or very low I had vitamin D level near unreadable, low levels of vitamin C . It also had shown a low iron level. He suggested an infusion of iron to bring levels up fast. 20min infusion. I now take iron and vitamin C in one tablet " vitamin C wont infuse with out being mixed with iron" and a vitamin D capsule every day.

    I hope your can convince your husband to have a vitamin level test done , It could be the uplift you are looking for.

    Being a ski instructor sounds like a active type of work and correct vitamin levels would be of the uppermost of importance

    best of wishes with this

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  • Thank you so much for your reply, that sounds eminently sensible, so will try to organise Vitamin loss tests at next visit?

    Ski instructing is physically demanding, particularly if conditions are difficult - I do try to ensure we eat a healthy, balanced diet, but it would be interesting to know if I am succeeding!

  • I take and know they work many vitameins, I also juice. I can tell the difference when I get lax in drinking my juice everyday. I work 80 hours a week and help with my grandsons, getting them off to school. I get about 5 hours of sleep per night. I always juice red beets, carrots, apples and celery with super green powder. I add anything else in there I want or have in the house, but start with my base juice. Maybe he would juice to help keep his engery up.

  • He has only lasted this long because of a positive lifestyle.

    Let me help open his book wider.

    He needs to hug you more. He need to kiss you more. He needs to create smiles on your face more.

    These are what has enable me to defeat this condition even more than my past efforts.

    This is free. I hurts some, you have to try. It is proven. Crying in your arms is the next best thing.

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