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Month 6 on iFCR and Going Strong

Month 6 on iFCR and Going Strong

I last posted four months ago when my wife "NoMoreCLL" began the Ibrutinib plus FCR Study. We're here at the Farber today, on Day 1 of 3, Month 6 of 6 for the final set of infusions. As of mid-Study (end of Cycle 3) she had MRD Positive for both blood and marrow...then on the cusp of MRD Negativity obtained when CLL detection goes below 0.01% for blood and bone marrow, hers #s were 0.08% and 0.3% respectively, at that time...almost there! "NoMoreCLL" continues to blog on Patient Power, here is a link to her last of 3 video blogs:

She is a trooper and going strong! We are hopeful and optimistic that "NoMoreCLL" will achieve both of the iFCR Study goals 1) MRD Negativity, and 2) Full Remission!!!

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Fantastic results - and your wife, "NoMoreCLL", is looking great! (you're looking good too, Itcbbaker!😉)

Looking forward to hearing more good news from you both in the near future! 😊

Positive stories like this help to keep all us CLLers going - thanks for sharing!☺



Great results! I watched one of her videos on Patient Power. She is such a strong lady!

I wish you both all the best!!


She's remarkable. I was a wreck. She looks terrific. Prayers to both of you.



Thanks for sharing this excellent news.

Enjoy the life the treatment has given.

Best wishes



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