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Brief Patient Survey to Help You

Dear friends with CLL: As we enter 2016 we at Patient Power want to know how we can do better for you and we have a brief survey available to help us get your responses. It takes about 5 minutes online. About 400 people with CLL have already completed it and we've been learning a lot. Many are from the US but other countries too. Now we are about to launch CLL expert interviews with more UK docs, and others from Sweden, Germany, France, Spain and Italy (see Is this helpful? And a clinical trial finder tool too? And what about live broadcasts from big medical conferences where experts explain the news immediately? We need to know and only you can tell us. Please take a moment to give us your view. Thanks! As always, everything we do is free and not under any outside party's control.

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Thanks Andrew. I did not see a spot in the survey to place a comment such as this and wonder if I might place it here. Is there a way to have a searchable database of the interviews listed by subject matter/topic vs or in addition to the current method of scrolling through various meetings and dates? Thank you for all you do.

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