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Antibiotic resistance

Antibiotics seem to be recommended quite often if we have CLL, sometimes just as a precaution eg. visits to dental hygienists.

How does this relate to the more general advice to cut back on antibiotic use saving them for more severe infections?

Is there some guideline for us on when to expect/ask for antibiotic treatment?

So far, on watch & wait, I've only expected and had them once for an upper respiratory tract infection that was getting worse not better.

Wishing you all a happy and 'healthy' festive season.

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Good question and (I think) I would love to know answer ........ (I have not dared ask, as I am on them for life since my spleen was removed almost 2 years ago).


How's this for a timely article? healthunlocked.com/cllsuppo...

With the increasing awareness of antibiotic resistance and the slow but steady acceptance that antibiotics have been over prescribed in the past, I'd say that we face a risk of not being prescribed antibiotics by well meaning doctors trying to extend their effectiveness (and unaware of their greater need by CLL patients), when we really do need them to avoid serious, lengthy illnesses or worse. In my opinion, we need to know our bodies really really well if we think we can get through an illness without taking them when a doctor prescribes their use. When doctors can't be really sure if we have a secondary infection and given the reluctance and time delay involved in performing a culture to identify the infectious agent, we really are in a difficult situation. Perhaps we need to just not worry about it when we are prescribed antibiotics and do our bit to slow the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria by increasing the awareness of this serious problem among our friends. If they know not to insist on antibiotics for a cold, flu or other viral illness due to our efforts, will that suffice?



Thanks Neil - you are making a lot of sense!


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