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Bacteriophage Therapy

I have no credentials or medical training to recommend any therapy but the arena of bacterial infections using Bacteriophage Therapy looks interesting for the subset of immunocompromised patients that have intractable bacterial infections, refractory to antibiotics. Accessibility, cost and appropriate application are major factors to consider if exploring this path makes sense but progress is being made in the use of viral Phages in light of the growing threat of many pathogenic bacteria that are or have become antibiotic resistant. This path needs careful appraisal in concert with trusted medical professionals. Thanks to CLLer Lisa for bringing Phage Therapy to our attention. The following research papers I found with one discussing Phage use in an immunocompromised context supplied by Lisa. Never give up exploring possible options when you are up against a wall.

Wikipedia article -

Background - or

Pros and Cons - or

Pseudomonas - or

Pulmonary Bacteriophage & Pseudomonas in animal model research - or

Comprehensive look and future for Phage Therapy - or

A look at Phage Therapy for immune compromised patients that defines so much of our CLL community. or


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