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whats up with me

hello im new to this and i am sorry if im in the wrong place ..ive not be diagnosed all i know is that my blood count is normal alltho all my gp said was there ok ?? and ive got a enlarged spleen and most of my glands around my neck are up also in my armpits so my gp is send me to a heamatologist hopeful soon

just needs so ... i dont know i have just been diagnosed with Cfs/ME because i have so much fatigue and pain all over i have so meny symptom i need someone to tell meim being silly ta

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Hi laxx,

I can sense that you're very concerned about your health and are desperately searching for answers but I don't think this is the right place for you as it may simply increase your anxieties by encouraging you to speculate that you have blood cancer.

I see from your post on the thyroid forum that you have a host of medical problems which must be distressing for you. The reassuring thing is your GP has told you that your blood tests are normal. Until you are seen by the haematologist, it wouldn't be right to speculate on the reason for your enlarged spleen and nodes but as you suffer from hypothyroidism, that could be a possible reason. But only a doctor could confirm that. With ME and a chronic fatigue syndrome plus polycystic ovary syndrome, diabetes and Reynauds, there could be a whole host of reasons for your fatigue and pain. Please don't convince yourself that it's cancer related. Enlarged glands can occur as a result of an infection. Has your doctor tested you for the Epstein Barr Virus by any chance?

I hope your consult with the haematologist goes well and that you receive the diagnosis and reassurance you need. However, it's unlikely that the members on here could advise on the reasons for your present symptoms and will probably have the same reservations as myself about encouraging you to speculate on blood cancer as a possible cause.

Best wishes,



Thank You Newdawn for taking the time to reply i really hope i havent offeded anyone on here i will unfollow myself from the group. which i think is best for my mental health and yes i was tested for Epstein barr virus and infections all normal

All the best and keep fighting guys

thank you again



No you absolutely haven't offended anyone laxx and if you are ever in the very unlikely position of needing us on here following a diagnosis, you'll be most welcome. But we hope that never happens of course!

I know this community of very supportive people wish you well.



thank u x


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