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Cough,Cold and Flu Jab

Cough,Cold and Flu Jab

Hi all again. Having been diagnosed back in June and my subsequent blood count rose from 18 to 21 in the 4 weeks between tests, I managed to get my head around CLL and have put it out of my mind and crack on with life. With such low scores I feel a bit of a fraud as I've mentioned before, but I suppose it all starts somewhere! I was offered the Flu jab last week by my local practice which I have not yet taken up. I started off yesterday with a niggly cough which has turned into a fully fledged cold, not manflu as yet. I suppose this is my first test of how my system is going to respond, my chest is tight and my cough is pretty bad, some nasty gunk coming up, but that is normal with a cold I think. I am presuming that before having the flu jab I should wait until this cold clears? With the cold is there anything I should look out for? My thoughts are to carry on as normal and get to the Docs if it doesn't clear after a week or so? Pretty inane questions really, but my wife is sort of pushing me this way! She is more worried about it than I am. The photo is from our recent road trip to the US. One of the lakes in Mammoth Lakes. Thanks all.

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I would see a doctor as soon as you can... to assess the situation. There is a risk of pneumonia with colds, and you don't want that...

The days of 'wait and see if it gets better in a week ' ended the day you got a CLL diagnosis... you need to be medically proactive...



Lovely photo! Hope the cold gets better soon.



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